#HAITI CORRUPTION:The first lady of Haiti, Mrs. Martine Moise has been under scrutiny for lying and suspicion of corruption over past weeks { AUDIO AT BOTTOM }


#HAITI CORRUPTION:The first lady of Haiti, Mrs. Martine Moise has been under scrutiny for lying and  suspicion of corruption over past weeks

Martine Moise attended TRUSTECH (Cannes, France) /  from 28th to 30th November 2017/ DERMALOG was there too/ Her objective was to identify the best technologies for National ID systems (her own posting dated dec. 1, 2017) / She also participated in another trip to France in mid-December 2017, when agreement with Dermalog is deemed to have been confirmed/ Those facts are in contradiction with her press release of Dec. 2018

The first lady of Haiti, Mrs. Martine Moise has been under scrutiny for suspicion of corruption over past weeks.  The growing tension around her role in alleged murky deals, has prompted her office to release a public statement yesterday, declaring that she has never traveled to Europe in order to set up a biometric identification card agreement with Dermalog, a German firm specializing in the field.   .    The Executive branch’s crisis management team is finding it more and more difficult to contain the growing scandal worsened by a past facebook post where the First Lady had initially confirmed that, at she was in France in 2017 for the very purpose she is today denying.

From the 28th to 30th November 2017, she confirms attending TRUSTECH in Palais des Festivals de Cannes.  TRUSTECH is the global event for payment and identification operators.   The dates she attended show Dermalog on the premises, and are closely related to those when a so-called agreement was convened between the Haitian State and Dermalog.

In the midst of growing scandals surrounding wasteful spending of Petrocaribe funds, and illegal kickbacks paid to Haitian officials, the 29 million dollars that the Administration of President Jovenel Moise seems to have agreed to allocate to Dermalog, in violation of legal provisions, when on another hand he is asking the international community to bail his government economically, is causing indignation amongst all sectors of Haitian society

  • Could it be a mere coincidence that First Lady Martine Moise traveled all the way from Port-au-Prince to Haiti in order to attend TRUSTECH where Dermalog was represented?
  • Could it be a further coincidence that around the same time, Dermalog also entered into an agreement with the Haitian State?
  • And, could it be an even greater coincidence that the First Lady having attended this event to “evaluate technologies for identification” would not have met the Dermalog executives in the process of providing services to Haiti?

Meanwhile, High ranking officials seem to believe otherwise.  And, it is reported that the premises that were used to seek the services of Dermalog are being disputed by control structures such as Cours Superieure de Comptes.

In the midst of Haiti’s dire economic crisis, seasoned public servants have qualified Mrs Moise’s sponsored deal -or what is known of it- as inefficient, overpriced, and to say the least, opaque; especially that at least one of the disbursements made to Dermalog (9 million dollars) was allegedly diverted from what is left of the Petrocaribe loan structure.

This explains the launching of a parliamentary investigation that promises to reveal more disconcerting details in upcoming days.

Omega Staff Writers

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