October 23-2018

Port-Au-Prince, Haiti – It is often said that the people gets the government they deserve, but in Haiti, the people never seem to cut a break -always almost never seem to have the opportunity to choose politicians who can put the interest of the multitude before the narrow interest of the few – perhaps such politicians do not exist. Often referred to as the poorest country in the western hemisphere and one of the top ten most corrupt countries in the world, Haiti is at a point where something has to give.

The theft of the petrocaribe fund may be the catalyst that propels forward a new movement whose crescendo is based on public accountability. Last week millions of people descended in Port-au-Prince demanding the arrest of corrupt Haitians bureaucrats and former government members. The current Haitian administration is incapable of holding these bureaucrats accountable because president Jovenel Moise is part of the corrupt cabal. The only solution is for Jovenel Moise to resign, or otherwise face the same fate as former Haitian president Vilbrun Guillaume Sam.

The current administration is a cesspool of corruption. For nearly tow years, Wilson Laleau one of the architect of the petrocarbi theft served as senior advisor to Mr. Moise. Even, after two senate investigative reports named him as on of the bureaucrats who embezzled millions of dollars, president Moise continue to support him and retained him as advisor. In fact, prior to taking office, Moise knew that Mr. Laleau, as finance minister under Martelly was the key operative in the theft. How could he justify having a senior advisor who is part of a brazen theft under a prior administration. Aside from Laleau, there are several others including former prime ministers Laurent Salvador Lamothe and Jean Max Bellerive, former President Michel Martelly, his wife Sophia Martelly and others who to this day have not held accountable.

To add insult to injury, the choice of Jean Henry Ceant as prime minister is most certainly another indication that Mr. Moise is not serious about corruption. Jean Henry Ceant, a man of dubious character is a known drug-dealer. Over the years he has brazenly stolen acres of land from poor Haitians who could not afford to fight him. The leaders of the Haitian senate and the chamber of deputies are controlled by similar dubious characters, drug dealers, money launderers like Lambert, Herve Foucand, Celestin, Gary Boudeau……

The corruption is so deeply imbedded in Haiti, that it would take entirely new generation of politicians and new public servants to provide honest public service to the public. None of the people who are currently in power from the executive to the legislative to the judiciary are honest public servants. The Haitian government is a magnet for dubious characters, gang leaders, criminals, drug dealers, money launderers, kidnappers, murderers etc., It is extremely hard to find a sincere, honest Haitian politicians in this government. If they have not been involved in drug dealing or money laundering, they are collecting bribes to perform services they are being paid to do, or collecting bribes from drug dealers to look the other way.

President Jovenel Moise like many before him made his money through the same corruption, bribery and crimes. It is unreasonable for anyone to expect him to lock up his former partners in crime. In less than 30 days, another march designs to bring Haiti to a stand still will be held. These mass protest will continue until the president resigns or each and every person named in the Petrocaribe theft is behind bars.

We, at Omegaworldnews do not advocate violence, we believe peaceful protest is the best way for civil engagement. But, we are also realistic about the plight of the Haitian people, and there comes a time when enough is enough, and violence though not acceptable, maybe understandable given that these people are fighting for their lives, their future and that of their children. Power never concede anything without demands embolden by force or threat of force.

A bon entendeur salut!

By: Joel R Deeb  CEO

Haitian-American Joel Ramphis Deeb is a Professional Political Consultant with over 20 years experience providing sound analysis, interpretation, problem solving skills land public policy recommendations for solving various political problems that affect national security, public safety and the effectiveness of government, Chairman and CEO, Omega  Analyst, Strategic Studies / Counter Terrorism Action Plan, Latin America 1980 – Present. Congressman Gilman’s Remarks at Haiti Conference Today at Washington Convention Center :, Finding the Path to Redevelopment Before the 40th Annual Congresssional Black Caucus Legislative Committee
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