Dear Mr. President,


Truth be told, you grew up like many of the young Haitian students who took to the streets of Haiti to protest against rampant corruption and  we are sure, you have worked extremely  hard to accomplish what you have thus far consider without doubt a successful story. From a family of nothing, you have managed to make something of yourself by becoming the 45th president of Haiti. Though you had few opportunities, you have done what you must, including taking short cuts, making deals with the devils to get to where you are now.


You have a great moral responsibility to ensure that young Haitian students who follow the rules and go to school do not have to go through the same thing you went through. Perhaps you have forgotten where you came from, and if you did,  history shall not be kind to you. However, the choice is yours.  You can either go down as the president of the youth who understands that Haiti’s future is tight to its youth, or an opportunist who came to power with the blessings of the few to protect and advance the economic interest of your masters.  In the next two ( 2) weeks you will have to make some hard decisions. One of the most important decisions is whether to  side with the youth of Haiti, or the puppet masters of Petionville.


On October 17, 2018 to commemorate the 212 years assassination of Jean Jacques Dessalines, young people from the four corners of Haiti rose up against corruption forcing your hands. During a speech in Haiti, you promised to hold to account all those who participated in the embezzlement of the Petrocaribe fund going as far as to insinuate that those responsible will face swift justice.  This is not the first time you have made such promise, except that that this time the writing is in the hall.

Nearly three millions people including high school and college students descended in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti’s capital, and other cities around the country demanding  concrete actions to curb corruption, and for you president Jovenel Moise to resign or suffer the same fate as ex president Jean Villedrouin Guillaume Sam .


For months, you have paid lip service to the PetroCaribe embezzlement while your senior advisor Wilson Laleau, one of the architects of the petrocaribe theft  manage the affairs of your  government.  Though, you have finally fired  Mr. Laleau many young Haitians are doubtful whether your administration could seriously make a dent on corruption by jailing those responsible for the brazen theft of 2.3 billion dollars of the Petrocaribe fund.


We at Omegaworldnews salutes the effort of all young people and all those families who have suffered from kidnapping,death etc  in Haiti whose futures are intertwined to an Haiti that is better with proper governance, accountability and less corruption.

In our estimation, your administration is incapable of holding its own accountability.  For one thing, many of the people who served in the Martelly/Lamothe administration currently serve in various capacities in your administration. You owe your presidency to former Haitian president Michel Martelly and his Tet Kale party whose senior members are named in a Haitian senate report about the petrocaribe theft. Some 18 government bureaucrats absconded with nearly  2.3 billion dollars of the petrocaribe fund, money that could have been used to create educational  and economic opportunity for young people. Some of these people are sadly serving in your government.


Most of your parliament is run by drug dealers,land thief’s and murderers,as it is known to the world,Joseph Lambert, Herve Fourcand, Rony Celestin and many others are known kingpins.


For many months since your ascendancy to power,  you have undoubtedly read our reporting on the Petrocaribe theft. The Haitian Senate has conducted two separate investigations and named all those responsible, to these days none of these people have been arrested or charge. You are not an agent of change.  You are part of the corruption cabal that controls Haiti, and your time is up.


The Haitian people can no longer afford a government who serves the interest of only five percent of the population.

Mr. President, we are calling for your resignation, or in the alternative for a new government made up of young people untainted by corruption of prior governments. All the ministers must be replaced and government bureaucrats including diplomats must be replaced. We must start with a new clean slate. Less you take serious action showing to the youth of Haiti that you are serious about change, or the protests will continue until the bottom falls off.

Joel R Deeb CEO

Haitian-American Joel Ramphis Deeb is a Professional Political Consultant with over 20 years experience providing sound analysis, interpretation, problem solving skills land public policy recommendations for solving various political problems that affect national security, public safety and the effectiveness of government, Chairman and CEO, Omega  Analyst, Strategic Studies / Counter Terrorism Action Plan, Latin America 1980 – Present. Congressman Gilman’s Remarks at Haiti Conference Today at Washington Convention Center :, Finding the Path to Redevelopment Before the 40th Annual Congresssional Black Caucus Legislative Committee



In 1915, Haitian President Jean Vilbrun Guillaume Sam had his predecessor* Oreste Zamor, and 160 or so of his closest proximity, executed in Port-au-Prince. Within hours, Sam himself was dead at the hands of an outraged mob — and Haiti on its way to 19 years of American military occupation.




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