Frantz Boulos, fake or real pharmacist ? Are You a US or Haitian Citizen?. Many questions for you to answer.


Frantz Boulos, fake or real pharmacist ?. Many question for you to answer.


Frantz Boulos, have you received a diploma as a pharmacist.?

Frantz Boulos, are you a US citizen or a Haitian Citizen?

Frantz Boulos, Have you paid your inheritance  taxes in California as a US Citizen?

Frantz Boulos, Is it true that while you were under oath stated that you were a Haitian Citizen?

Frantz Boulos,Have you ever manufactured and bottle or have you sold hair product from Haiti in Little Haiti, MiamI ,Fla. without any licence?

Frantz Boulos,Have you ever told anyone in Little Haiti, that you were a pharmacist?

Frantz Boulos,If so which school did you receive your diploma.?

Frantz Boulos, Have you purchased a pharmacist licence in Haiti as it is custom by the people of your class?

Frantz Boulos, Why did you have to abruptly close your production in Little Haiti.?

Frantz Boulos, Did you know it is illegal to misrepresent yourself as someone you are not?

Frantz Boulos,Did you know it was illegal to manufacture or sell medicine in the US without the approval of the FDA and USDA.?

Frantz Boulos, at least you could have bought a pharmacist diploma in Haiti, were everything is for sale : from the Presidency, the Senate, Ministers they are all for sale.

As we all know, anyone can ask questions,without being subject of a lawsuit, since asking said questions,does not incriminate anyone.

As we all know, Frantz Boulos is Rudolph Boulos the alleged forger’s brother, and Reginald Boulos the King  maker of Haiti.

================================================================  #Haiti:allegedly Frantz, Reginald & Rudolph Boulos CLINTON HENCHMEN IN HAITI responsible of many childrens death by their laboratory : what has the family of the dead childrens saying? Were are the family of the dead childrens? When will justice be done? Many innocent lives lost by these Clinton henchmen   Rudolph Boulos, a member of the network of counterfeiters operating in customs, according to Senator Bien-Aime  

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