#HAITI CORRUPTION:In the PetroCaribe dossier, Jovenel Moïse seems bogged down day by day

In the PetroCaribe dossier, Jovenel Moïse seems bogged down day by day


Given the pace at which the PetroCaribe affair is progressing, it‘s becoming increasingly clear to
the forces that have mobilized to squash it that the issue  can’t be dismissed. At the same time, Jovenel Moïse must have come to his senses, realizing that he may have trapped himself by identifying with
former senior State officials accused in the conclusions of the two Senate reports in the investigations led by
Senators Youri Latortue and Evalière Beauplan. For there’s no way over- looking the rapidity of events against
corruption and impunity taking place in recent weeks.

For example, a crucial step has just been taken in the legal process surrounding the heist of $ 3.8 billion
PetroCaribe Fund. The government prosecutor in Port-au-Prince, Clamé Daméus, had no resort but to return
the file to the office of Judge Paul Pierre with his conclusions to pro- ceed. Legally he couldn’t do other- wise, because the issues are clear. Legal consultants are in agreement, concluding that the trial of those
accused in the PetroCaribe affair must stand trial. That’s a big boost to those sons and daughters of Haiti
that have been awaiting such a deci- sion, to the chagrin of those involved in the embezzlement of that colossal
fortune. Unquestionably, they’ll have to account for their evil deeds. It’s worth noting that two new com- plaints have been filed on top of the 50 already lodged against more than a dozen former Prime Ministers, Mi- nisters, General Directors and other handlers of public funds. Interestingly, the latest complaints also targetformer interim President JocelermePrivert.


In light of the latest develop- ments, President Moïse and his polit- ical allies, as well as the whole ruling
team, must review their strategy. Up to now they’ve tried everything to
weaken, even wreck, the campaign against impunity, corruption and money laundering. Considering that in
the past 15 months the president has made statements and taken decisions
clearly favorable to the embezzlers of public funds, he must now see
things in a new light, and act fast, otherwise the situation could deterio- rate, even leading to his political


Globally, corruption is under attack, making it incumbent on the Haitian Head of State to change his
attitude, especially since he himself is under indictment for money laundering. Moreover, the international
community has clearly shown much interest in the campaign of the democratic forces in Haiti that have
resolved to counter corruption, as evidenced in the PetroCaribe affair! Indeed, contrary to what President Moïse, his team and partisans in the larger PHTK family may have thought, it is obvious that the countries dubbed “friends of Haiti,” as well as other States belonging to the democratic family are now participating in the struggle of the Haitian people against the scourges of corruption and illicit crimes that are its corollaries. Some are taking note
while they wait to see what the attitude of the Haitian president regarding the fight against corruption will be. Meanwhile, day by day, the inter- national community is showing increased commitment to the movement against corruption



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