#HAITI Corruption:  The Source Of All Evils in Haiti /Joel R Deeb



Corruption:  The Source Of All Evils in Haiti

Corruption:  The Source Of All Evils in Haiti

Joel Deeb

April 18, 2018

Born on January 1, 1804, the Republic of Haiti never delivered on its promises to be a safe heaven for the self emancipated former slaves who liberated it from the French army of Napoleon Bonaparte, a feat that remains unmatched in military as in world history.

Since that fleeting period of glory, Haiti has slowly descended into what the majority of its population now calls hell on earth or a hellhole.  Not a real country, but a place from which one needs to escape and run away from the evils of violence, poverty, serious and contagious diseases, high unemployment rate and a continuously depreciating national currency.

It will not be gainsaid that, those old enough to remember the 30 years of the Duvalier era that ended in 1986, could possibly anticipate the destruction of their beautiful Haiti with the advent of the Democratic culture that promised so much, beginning with duly and democratically elected public officials at all levels of government.

What kind of representative democratic government had the international community have in store for Haitians?

One with faked elections?  Faked national governments?  Faked senate and house of representatives?  Public officials who invade or seize the private properties of their own constituents?

One with fake heads of state and prime ministers, who steal billions of dollars of foreign aid with impunity?

Who will end the corruption that will make it possible for Haiti to benefit from the Trump economic boom in America?

Haitian-American Joel Ramphis Deeb is a Professional Political Consultant with over 20 years experience providing sound analysis, interpretation, problem solving skills land public policy recommendations for solving various political problems that affect national security, public safety and the effectiveness of government, Chairman and CEO, Omega  Analyst, Strategic Studies / Counter Terrorism Action Plan, Latin America 1980 – Present. Congressman Gilman’s Remarks at Haiti Conference Today at Washington Convention Center :, Finding the Path to Redevelopment Before the 40th Annual Congresssional Black Caucus Legislative Committee
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