NEW YORK, NEW YORK –  Christine C. Quinn is currently a commentator for CNN. In her prior life, she served as the speaker of the New York City Council and was very well liked among city council members for an extended term limit. In 2013, she was poised to become the first female and openly gay mayor of New York City until Cynthia Nixon another famous New York City lesbian chose the side of another politician –  a straight white man.  In New York City politics, it pays to have a prominent lesbian supporter, and no one knows this better than the current mayor of the city of New York Bill de Blasio.. Now, that Cynthia Nixon has decided to seek the Democratic nomination to unseat Governor Cuomo, like Bill de Blasio in 2013, Mr. Cuomo is Lesbianing up early – his lesbian supporter – Christine C. Quinn.


When New York City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s term was up, political junkies already knew who the next mayor of New York City would be. Christine C. Quinn had been city council speaker for two terms; she was well liked among members of the council, very well known around New York City and among the electorates. Most people assumed that she would win the Democratic nomination and eventually become the first lesbian Mayor of New York City. There was an air of invincibility about her. She was better funded, with more relevant experience than the other four candidates. Besides, she was nearly 30 points ahead.  But her defeat would come at the hand of another lesbian – CYNTHIA NIXON who within a matter of months working for her competitor Bill de Blasio erased that lead.


In 2013 Cynthia Nixon, a lesbian and star of HBO’s “Sex and the City” sided with the de Blasio campaign instead of Ms. Quinn, another lesbian and natural ally. Her work helped Mr. de Blasio close a 26-point lead, shot from behind and eventually prevailed over Ms. Quinn as the Democratic nominee for Mayor.  For months Ms. Nixon campaigned, canvassed, raised money, gathered celebrity endorsements, organized benefits, including an L..G.B.T. benefit for Mr. de Blasio. The night de Blasio won the primary; he thanked Ms. Nixon as the architect of his campaign. Over the years, Ms. Nixon and the de Blasio’s have developed such a close relationship that Ms. Nixon’s wife until recently worked for the de Blasio administration.  She resigned after Ms. Nixon announced her candidacy for Governor of New York State.


Mr. de Blasio, who represents the progressive wing of the New York Democratic party has been locked in a battle with Governor Cuomo about the direction of the party, and Ms. Nixon’s candidacy is a natural progression of de Blasio’s animosity towards the governor. Many, including Governor Cuomo, believe that de Blasio orchestrated Nixon’s bid, and it makes sense because de Blasio’s former political strategists – Bill Hyers and Rebecca Katz signed on to run Ms.. Nixon’s campaign for governor.


The question is whether Ms. Nixon, an award-winning actress who has never held elected office will be able to unseat a governor who is a seasoned politician with a war chest of nearly 30 million dollars. Ms. Nixon’s hope to slay the governor is a much harder task than campaigning for a local city politician. Currently, Ms. Nixon trails the governor by 40 percentage points, according to a recent survey. But those who know Ms. Nixon told Omeganews that she is not to be underestimated. For fifteen years, she has been fighting for equal education for all – education and inequality have been her signature issues.


This is payback time – in politics payback is a bitch. Governor Cuomo did not have to look far and wide for his own lesbian supporter. Ms. Quinn has been waiting in the wing to administer a shell lacking to her lesbian nemesis, the woman who killed her dream of being the first female/lesbian mayor of New York City. An ardent supporter of Governor Cuomo, Ms. Quinn is poised to spoil it all for Ms. Nixon. In a recent interview, Ms. Quinn said she was surprised that Ms. Nixon joined de Blasio instead of her, but now she said she is more surprised that Ms. Nixon decided to challenge Governor Cuomo for the Democratic nomination. She told the New York Times that she is ready to campaign for governor Cuomo “every day and twice on Sunday.” Let the battle of the lesbians begin. It is good to have a lesbian supporter.


EMMANUEL ROY on 3/26/2018


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