UPDATE #HAITI:Ex-Senator Rudolph Boulos alleged counterfeiter condemned to 6 month in jail and 3 million gds awarded to 1000 family of the dead childrens



UPDATE: According to a source at the National Palace, allegedly Reginald Boulos
was told by President Jovenel Moise that he will not interfere in favor of the
alleged counterfeiter and murderer Rudolph Boulos.
President Jovenel Moise was overheard saying:
According to our sources in Haiti,4 million dollar US is being offered to keep Haiti’s
Alleged counterfeiter and responsible of so many murders out of jail.
Omega is investigating and will keep our readers inform.

#HAITI:Ex-Senator Rudolph Boulos alleged counterfeiter condemned to 6 month in jail and 3 million gds awarded to 1000 family of the dead childrens. Rudolph Boulos is brother to the alleged Hilary Clinton henchmen Reginald Boulos.


After 22 years of Trial, the Court in Port-au-Prince, presided over by 
Judge Jean Wilner Morin, rendered today a landmark decision in the case 
against Pharval Laboratories for producing and 
distributing Contaminated  Afebril and Valodon *Syrup

 Roodolphe Boulos, CEO of PHARVAL laboratories, is sentenced to six months'incarceration, 
and 3 million gourdes for each victim included in the official complaint . *

In its final  judgment,before the Criminal Court,Mr Rudolph Boulos was found guilty of
gross negligence and disrespect of the rules of pharmacology that led to the death and 
paralysis of several hundred Haitian children .

A shame that the entire board of Pharval are still free.



*Vive la Justice !*

Après 22 ans de Procès, le Tribunal de première instance de Port-au-Prince, jugeant en ses attributions correctionnelles, présidé par *le juge Jean Wilner Morin, vient de rendre une décision historique dans le cadre de l’affaire du Sirop Afébril Contaminé et Valodon*.

Le sieur *Roodolphe Boulos , PDG des laboratoires PHARVAL , est condamné à six mois d’emprisonnement et à 3 Millions de gourdes en faveur de chaque victime portée dans l’acte d’assignation.*

Rappelons que la cour de cassation , dans son arrêt, avait renvoyé Roodolphe Boulos par devant le Tribunal correctionnel pour y être jugé pour négligence grave  et irrespect des règles de pharmacologie ayant entrainé la mort et la paralysie de plusieurs centaines d’enfants Haïtiens issus des couches les plus pauvres.

*Source judiciaire* ///



Rudolph Boulos, a member of the network of counterfeiters operating in customs, according to Senator Bien-Aime

Reginald Boulos’ brother Rodolphe directs Haiti’s Pharval pharmaceutical firm

Haiti: Why the Boulos family have not been arrested or judged for the alleged deaths of these childrens?

Diethylene glycol – Wikipedia

The physical properties of diethylene glycol make it an excellent counterfeit for pharmaceutical-grade glycerine (also called glycerol) or propylene glycol, and has caused many deaths in different countries. Incidents include its use in China as a component of cheap toothpaste, and by winemakers in Europe as an adulterant …

Missing: responsible

Pan-African Chronology IV: 1930 – The Americas


Jun 7, 2017 – April 8, 1930), a Bermudian sprinter who competed in the women’s 100 meters at the 1948 Summer Olympics, was born. ….. He investigated Pharval Laboratories, a pharmaceutical company, for selling cough syrup contaminated with diethylene glycol that was responsible for the poisoning of two hundred …



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