WASHINGTON, DC – The Russia investigation is a vile attempt orchestrated by the left with support from the deep-state to delegitimize president Donald Trump. By arguing that Russia helped Trump win the election, it delegitimizes the president and puts his authority into question, while explaining why the Democrats lost. President Trump is wrong when he said that this was an election that Democrats should have won. Democrats were never going to win regardless of who became the Republican nominee for president. So, the Russia meddling which this author does not dispute did nothing to assist Trump in winning the White House. Trump won because he was a far better communicator and campaigner than Hillary Clinton, also, political history and statistics favored Donald Trump.


In 2013, I wrote an article in which I predicted that the Democrats would lose the 2016 presidential elections. My prediction was based on history, politics, and statistics. Only twice in the history of the United States has a party won three consecutive presidential terms? The likelihood that the Democrats were going to win a third Obama term was negligible regardless of the democratic candidate or for that matter the Republican candidate. The problem arose when Donald Trump became the nominee of the Republican party and the liberal media disregarded history, politics, and statistics and claimed that Hillary would win in a landslide. When the landslide did not materialize, the liberal left went into a frenzy. There must be another way to explain the loss. Thus Russia interference was born.


Interference in other countries presidential elections is nothing new. Since 1947 the CIA has intervened in at least 81 foreign elections; the Soviet Union, and now Russia has intervened 37 times to include the 2016 US presidential elections. If meddling in other people’s presidential elections is nothing new, why have a special prosecutor to investigate it? Donald Trump. What is fascinating is that while intelligence officers from the CIA and other agencies are saying that Russia’s interference helped Trump, in private they admit that Russia did nothing unusual or weird.


The US is the leading contender for interfering in other country’s presidential elections. In 1996, Bill Clinton and the CIA worked together to undermine elections in Russia. The US was concerned about an old-fashioned communist takeover and approved a 10 billion dollar loan to Boris Yeltsin four months before the elections. In addition, the US provided Yeltsin with a group of American political consultants. Yeltsin won.


In 2000, in Serbia, the CIA, concerned that Slobodan Milosevic, a nationalist firebrand would become president of Serbia, deployed millions of dollars, American political consultants and other aids to ensure that the opposition won – the opposition won.  In 2009, the CIA attempted to defeat Hamid Karzai during the Afghanistan presidential elections. This time the US failed, and after the election president Karzai complained to Robert Gates, then secretary of defense about how the US tried to defeat him by supporting the opposition.


Currently, American hands on foreign politics are visible through the following non-profit organizations: The International Republican Institute, the National Endowment for Democracy, and the National Democratic Institution. While these US organizations claim to provide no support to any specific candidate, they provide campaign training and other basic skills to affiliates of candidates they support. For example, the National Endowment for Democracy has in the past gave grants to Putin’s nemesis, Aleksei Navalny who has been a pain in Putin’s backside.  In 2016, the year Russia meddled in the US elections, these non-profit organizations gave out 108 grants totaling $6.8 million to organizations in Russia for civic engagement and activism. While Americans might find these loans charitable and in good taste, Putin sees them as hostile.


How is what Russia is accused of doing in the United States any different than what the United States has been doing for decades and continue to do to Russia and other countries around the world? Why should we be surprised when Russia intervenes in our elections when we do the same thing to them and others around the world, notwithstanding motivations or moral appropriateness. The critical question is, would we have had a special prosecutor if say Marco Rubio or Jeb Bush had won the nomination and the US presidency?


In Mueller’s indictment of 13 Russians, it explicitly said that Russia had been planning the interference three years before the elections. If that is true, it begs the question of what Donald Trump had to do with it. Donald Trump did not declare his candidacy until June 2015.. The only explanation for wasting taxpayers money on an ill-advised investigation is that hate for Trump is fueling the investigation. So far, not one single person indicted has anything to do with collusion between Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia. It is time to wrap-up this investigation and send Mueller into retirement.


Omega Staff Writers

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