President Donald Trump reportedly said that Haiti is among one of the “shithole countries” whose people are constantly flooding US Shores because of US immigration policies and that the US should seek people from better countries like “Norway” (a Scandinavian country). Democrats and the liberal media characterized the comment (that is if he made it, the President denied it) as “racist,” “insensitive,” “divisive.” US congresswoman Mia Love of Utah, a Haitian America condemned the alleged comment by the president.  Liberal firebrand Maxine Waters, Congresswoman of California called Mr. Trump “the most despicable person ever to walk the earth.”


But no one wants to pause for a minute and think whether Mr. Trump if he indeed said this has a point. What do you call a country mired in poverty, corruption, and crime, where the government cannot provide for its people; where people would do anything to get out of the country?  What do you call a country where 2.2 billion dollars, money that could have been used to help its people vanished into the pockets of government officials?  What do you call a country where its people survive on less than $2 a day? What do you call a country that cannot educate its young and take care of its old? What do you call a country where corruption is more of the mind than of the heart? What do you call a country where presidents come to power poor and leave with millions?  What do you call a country that cannot even pay on time its consular staff overseas? What do you call a country where children die unnecessarily because of lack of medical supplies like a Tylenol, or diarrhea medication?


The reality is, the truth hurts. Sometimes the truth can sound divisive, and racist but that does not make it any less true. Haiti, like El Salvador, is country that is ill-managed, where politicians and the merchant class do not give a damn about the country or its people. Every Haitian given a chance would rather be in the United States, France or Canada than Haiti.


Haiti is indeed a country with many ills and some of them brought on by its government aided by poverty pimps – as I call them, NGO’s, Non-Governmental Organizations. So when Trump reportedly said Haiti is a “shithole country” maybe it is and it may be time for us as Haitian Americans to seriously consider what to do about it.


During his short presidency president, Trump has said many things that many people claim to be racist, divisive, and hurtful.  Political correctness run amok! While I do not deny that some of the comments may appear to be motivated by racist sentiment, there is a lot of truth in some of what he said, especially concerning immigration policies; and poor countries like Haiti.


No one can challenge the fact that immigrants from Haiti and other African countries have done very well and have contributed to the United States in positive ways. Brooklyn, New York has more Haitian doctors second only the Jewish community. Many Haitian immigrants have accomplished the American dream in more ways than one – some of them became entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, artists, accountants and business owners and reaped the financial rewards that come with such accomplishments. But many of them forget the people they left behind, or deny that they have any moral obligation to help. So, when someone like the US president calls Haiti a shithole country, maybe it is time for us to examine the truth of the statement. We need to band together to figure out what to do to make Haiti a better place for its people, so people do not feel that their only hope is to immigrate to the United States.


Most of us, including myself who have done well in the US could not have possibly have done so well in our own country; we need to acknowledge that. It is intellectually dishonest to be up in arms about the president’s statement while arguing, “let’s save TPS because Haiti is still a shithole place not fit to send more human beings”? Which is it?


I hope the President ‘s statement can serve as a call to action for the Haitian Diaspora to get off its fat ass and put its money where its mouth is and come up with real solutions to help Haiti out of the shithole. Short of that, I think all the showboating is just that. People who feel like they have to respond to feel alive.  Mr. Trump should continue to speak more truths- They might hurt, but they will eventually set you free.

As the saying goes: The Truth Shall Set You Free !
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