#HAITI: USA VS Dr Joseph Baptiste: ( Mr.Baptiste is also Anthony Rodham partner in VCS MINING COMP


FBI Compliant: USA v. Baptiste

Case study of a non-for-profit’s money laundering disguised as aid to impoverished people in Haiti
Dr. Joseph Baptiste, serves as Chair of the National Organization for the Advancement of Haitians (NOAH), is President Emeritus of Haitian Diaspora Federation, board member of Haiti Invest, LLC and, (as of March 21, 2016) former board member of VCS Mining along with Jean Max Bellerive and Hillary Clinton’s brother, Tony Rodham.

Also please note that “Haiti Invest LLC” also known as Company A in Joe Baptiste’s indictment has several well known Haitians as Members of the Board (Pages 68/72).  Note the names:

1.- Richard Boncy  is the CEO of Haiti Invest

2.- Joe Baptiste

3.- Reynold Bonnefil

4.- Harvey Gedeon

5.- Jean Frederic Sales

6.- Rudolph Moise      is also board member of Haiti Invest.

RAFAEL MEV  Key Expert/Engineer of marine construction is:

All the Board Members are under investigation right now.  Expect more indictments and arrests.

Also a motion to seal the indictment was rushed to the Court on August 28th 2017, but the arrest of Joe Baptiste by the FBI automatically unsealed the Indictment.




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