by Joel R Deeb

CARACAS, Venezuela — Luisa Ortega represents the new face of Latin America’s new wave of prosecutors – strong-willed, unapologetically determined to stamp out corruption and human rights violations. And she is getting the support of attorney generals in the Americas. From Columbia to Brazil, attorney generals continue to recognize her as the lawful attorney general of Venezuela even though the Maduro’s puppet Constituent Assembly voted unanimously to dismiss her in an attempt to shut down her investigation. She is relentless in her pursuit of corruption and human rights violations. She is determined to uncover the facts which she vows to present to The Hague if need be, referring to the international court of justice.

Until recently, Ms. Ortega was a supporter of the socialist controlled government, but all that has changed since May of this year after Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro decided to turn the country into a one-man-show, restricting protests and arresting anti-government protestors and dissidents. Since May more than 120 people have been killed, and Ms. Ortega said more than half of these deaths were caused by pro-government paramilitary force. Her office has already charged dozens of police officers and soldiers with excessive use of force.

Last week, Venezuelan riot police took over her office and prevented her from entering the office. Meanwhile, Maduro’s secret police continue to harass, follow and threaten to arrest and jail prosecutors and investigators close to Ms. Ortega. The Maduro government was hoping that by firing her, she would stop the probe into corruption. If anything, these strong-arm tactics have backfired as Ms. Ortega is getting more support from counterparts around the globe including the American government.

Before riot police took over her office, she made digital copies of documents she needs for her investigations and continues to work at an undisclosed location near Caracas surrounded by trusted aides. Since the time she has been in office, she has filed over a dozen corruption charges against government officials close to President Maduro in connection with a global probe of corruption involving Brazilian company Odebretch, SA.

Odebretch SA is a Brazilian company that operates in many countries, including Venezuela, the US, and Brazil. Late last year the company settled a plea bargain with the United States Justice Department for 3.5 billion dollars in connection with corruption and bribery charges involving Venezuelan and Brazilian government officials. In the plea bargain documents reviewed by Omegaworldnews, Odebretch declared that it had paid over 100 million dollars in bribes to Venezuelan authorities presumably including Venezuelan strongman Nicholas Maduro and others close to him.

Early last week, Ms. Ortega sent Venezuelan prosecutors and investigators to Brazil to interview two witnesses who had served as political consultants to Nicholas Maduro and the late president Hugo Chavez. The prosecutors questioned two people connected with Odebretch: Monica Moura, and her husband Joao Santana, who told Venezuelan prosecutors that during the time they served as political consultants for Maduro, they received over 9 million dollars of unexplained donations from Odebretch intended to be used in Maduro campaign.

In a written response to press reports, Odebretch said that the company is cooperating with authorities in all the countries it operates including the United States, Venezuela, and Brazil. Ms. Ortega’s investigation is continuing under the threat of arrest and possible assassination by Venezuelan secret police controlled by Cuban operatives. Omegaworldnews attempt to contact Venezuela s ministry of information was unsuccessful. It is not clear, however, whether Maduro’s government has issued an arrest warrant for Ms. Ortega, who since July had been prevented from leaving the country. Her passport has been confiscated by order of the Venezuelan Supreme Court controlled by Maduro supporters.

Many countries in the Americas continue to cooperate with Ms. Ortega as they consider her the lawful attorney general of Venezuela. More than ten countries issued public statements in support of her and vowed to continue their cooperation with her investigation.. Given the political situation in Venezuela, the report of her investigations and any possible indictment may be ignored, but the international community would take notice, which could lead to more headaches for the Maduro administration. Last week, the US Department of Treasury sanctioned more than a dozen people close to Maduro by freezing their assets in the United States, and canceling their visas, any further reports of corruption may add to the sanctions.

During a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, the 59-year-old Ms. Ortega said ” If I can’t go through internal channels, I will go to the international organizations. I don’t discard turning to The Hague because I have a body of evidence that allows me to do so.”


Haitian-American Joel R Deeb [1]A Professional Political Consultant with over 20 years experience providing sound analysis, interpretation, problem solving skills and public policy recommendations for solving various political problems that affect national security, public safety and the effectiveness of government, Chairman and CEO, Omega Military Consultant, 1994 – Present Analyst, Strategic Studies / Counter Terrorism Action Plan, Latin America 1980 – Present Vice-President, Caribbean Communications Corp., 1991 – 1993. Board Member, International Fruit Basket Corp., 1979 – 1983.Board Member, Sea Food Maritime Exports Inc., 1979 – 1980. Founder and Team Leader, Hector Riobe  Anti-Duvalier Front, 1980 – 1986.Member, Haitian League for Human Rights, 1979 – 1980.Analyst, Strategic Studies / Counter Terrorism, Caribbean Region, Asia/Africa, 1979. Research : New Technologies for Defense and Collective Security in 2004…
Member of the Haitian American Disaster Relief Committee 2010…Haiti Security Report 40th Annual Congressional Black Caucus Legislative Conference Issue:  “Haiti, Finding the Path to Redevelopment” 2010…
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