by Joel R Deeb


HAVANA, Cuba – The upper echelon of the Venezuelan military is under the control of Cuban operatives who roamed the halls of not only the Venezuelan White House but also the halls of Congress. Presently there are over a thousand of these Cuban operatives in Caracas assisting Venezuelan’s President Nicholas Maduro with his plan to turn Venezuela into a second Cuba. Thus far, Maduro has had his authoritarian election leading to his choice of 545 “constituent assembly” whose job is to rewrite the Venezuelan constitution and cede power to one man.
The world chose to respond to Maduro in ways that would not bring much success. The United States government recently sanctioned and froze the assets of 13 people in the Venezuelan government, including Mr. Marduro who had already been sanctioned for prior bad acts. Members of the Organization of American States refuse to recognize the election and called for Venezuela to return to democratic principles. Meanwhile, the Castro family is sitting in Havana smiling. The road to solving the problem in Venezuela leads to Cuba.
The Cuban government over the last fifteen years has developed a close working relationship with the late Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez, and Mr. Marduro is currently executing a plan that was hatched a long time ago. The Cubans are very good with intelligence gathering, they have been schooled by the Russians, and for many years, Fidel Castro had built one of the best intelligence services around the world according to former CIA agents. Members of the Cuban Intelligence Service have been operating in Venezuela since the second ousting of Hugo Chavez in 2002. Since then, they continued to advise Chavez and now Maduro. They have practically taken over the country, and most of the political dissidents that have been arrested were under the command of Cuban operatives.
A few weeks before the election of July 30, 2017, Cuban operatives had advised Maduro to release a well-known political dissident Lopez, and this was a classic Fidel Castro move. Meanwhile, right after the election, Maduro arrested Venezuela’s attorney general who had been outspoken against Maduro.
The situation in Venezuela is deteriorating daily, and with the situation in the Korean Peninsula, the American government is not paying as much attention to Venezuela as the situation deserves. Venezuela is a vital country with the world’s second largest petroleum reserve.  The Cubans have taken over the country, and are now seeking to impose an authoritarian government on the people of Venezuela. The people of Venezuela need more support than the usual ineffective sanctions and freezing of accounts of people who could not care.
The Venezuelan opposition is no match for the trained Cuban intelligence operatives roaming the country. In the last four months, there have been two failed coup attempts to draw more of the Venezuelan military to take sides. The first came on June 27, 2017, when an officer of the police attacked the Supreme Court and the Minister of Interior.  The second came early last week when an army officer, a dissident, released a video calling for rebellion against President Maduro, and to invoke section 350 of the Venezuelan constitution that calls for rebellion once the government decides to adopt undemocratic principles.
The world must start putting pressure on Cuba for Maduro to reverse course. As long as Maduro believes he can rely on the Cubans to support his push for dictatorship, he will continue. The Organizations of American States, the United States, and the United Nations should ratchet the pressure on Cuba. Cuba has been providing Venezuela with technical military and intelligence support for over a decade in exchange, Venezuela provides Cuba with much-needed oil and other petroleum products. But now, the Cuban government believes a dictatorship without check and balances will serve the interest of Havana better at the expense of the Venezuelan people.
The world must not let this happen.
Mr Maduro a word of advice .When the Eagle land you better make sure you dig a deeper hole to hide  than the one
Sadam Hussein was hiding in.
Joel R Deeb
Haitian-American Joel R Deeb [1]A Professional Political Consultant with over 20 years experience providing sound analysis, interpretation, problem solving skills and public policy recommendations for solving various political problems that affect national security, public safety and the effectiveness of government, Chairman and CEO, Omega Military Consultant, 1994 – Present Analyst, Strategic Studies / Counter Terrorism Action Plan, Latin America 1980 – Present Vice-President, Caribbean Communications Corp., 1991 – 1993. Board Member, International Fruit Basket Corp., 1979 – 1983.Board Member, Sea Food Maritime Exports Inc., 1979 – 1980. Founder and Team Leader, Hector Riobe  Anti-Duvalier Front, 1980 – 1986.Member, Haitian League for Human Rights, 1979 – 1980.Analyst, Strategic Studies / Counter Terrorism, Caribbean Region, Asia/Africa, 1979. Research : New Technologies for Defense and Collective Security in 2004…
Member of the Haitian American Disaster Relief Committee 2010…Haiti Security Report 40th Annual Congressional Black Caucus Legislative Conference Issue:  “Haiti, Finding the Path to Redevelopment” 2010…
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