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Joel Deeb, Political and Security Analyst

CEO, www.omegaworldnews.com

February 7, 2017


Graham Greene’s new cast of Comedians is at it again, in Haiti.  Today, they will attempt to bring to its conclusion an electoral coup d’état that failed twice, in the general elections of 2015 and 2016, supervised by Hillary Clinton’s criminal mafia in that country, the membership of which includes the violent gangs of the self-proclaimed legal bandit of Haiti, former Haitian president Michel Martelly, as well as those recruited by the Clinton Corruption Bureau Chief in Haiti, a rogue and vicious Clinton operative, Mr. Kenneth Merten, still posing as an American diplomat at a place still known as the U.S. Embassy in Haiti.

The Clinton gang, the Martelly gang and the Merten gang are joining forces again today to stage the presidential inauguration of Clinton and Martelly’s political puppet, a Haitian legal bandit and money launderer known as Jovenel Moise, selected twice, in 2015 and 2016, as the beneficiary of the very similar electoral coups d’état performed during the selections of these last two years.  Isn’t that amazing, daring and provocative?  These criminals performed the same stunt two years in a row, using the free money forced out of the hands of American taxpayers.

In all honesty, the Clinton Foundation should send a refund to U.S. taxpayers  out of the $ billions USD the Clintons expect to make from their loot of Haiti’s underground resources, being stolen so brazenly under everybody’s noses.  What’s in it for Haiti, and what’s in it for America?  Shouldn’t the Clintons and their accomplices be sent back to Haiti to face justice?  The DEA had no troubles capturing Haitian senator-elect Guy Philippe, a few weeks ago?  Shouldn’t the Clintons be extradited to Haiti to face justice as well?  As these lines are being written, another imposture is being carried out right now by former ambassadors Kenneth Merten, Peter Mulrean, and a new actress and former Clinton operative posing as personal representatives of President Donald J. Trump in the masquerade being held today to make a president out of thin air in Haiti.  They are seeking to force President Trump’s hands into playing along with the drug dealers, money launderers and murderers who have been calling themselves a government for years in that country.  For, once this money launderer Jovenel Moise takes the presidential oath of office today, the electoral coup d’état is a done deal, and President Trump is forced into accepting and dealing with him.  Hillary Clinton, Michel Martelly, Kenneth Merten, Peter Mulrean, the actress and former Clinton staffer believe they have President Trump totally cornered into a fait accompli.  So, they believe.

What will they try next?  A meeting at the White House for President Trump to chat with a drug dealer and money launderer and a Clinton puppet and a Martelly puppet, a Jovenel Moise, whose only duty will be to facilitate the transfer of state resources into the private domains and bank accounts of known criminals, repeated offenders with whom the Clintons are alleged to be happy to do business with in the  stealing of economic resources belonging to the people of Haiti?  What will Haiti use to develop a competitive economy?  Bill Clinton devious smile sharing our people’s pain?

To bring conclusion to the coup of 2016, an elaborate pageantry will celebrate this political tour de force of making a President Jovenel Moise, out of thin air, a president co-owned by Martelly and Clinton, who are also co-owners of Haiti’s Senate and House of Representatives as well as Haiti’s Supreme Court, and  backed by the naked and deadly brutality of a Haitian national police force, also co-owned jointly by the Clinton gang, the Martelly gang, and the Kenneth Merten gang in Haiti. ( see picture of new  uniform of Haiti’s palace guard in pink the color of Martelly-Moise’s  party PHTK )

A new Haitian humanitarian crisis is looming large in Haiti, as new millionaires are about to be created also out of thin air, aaas a reward for participating in this tragicomedy, in a country now 214 years old?  What a shame, what a damn shame ! What a faux-state, as my former colleague, and retired professor of economics Parnell Duverger has often argued?

It is time to “drain the swamp” in Haiti, and the new visionary leader of America can help us do just that. And, the sooner, the better.  Let’s make Haiti safe for democracy, the rule of law, political and social stability, ingenuity, business, and successful entrepreneurship.  Let’s take Haiti back from the criminals who give themselves fancy and deceptive titles of government officials so they can, together with the Clintons, rape and rob their own country blind.  It is our belief that President Donald Trump, a successful entrepreneur and problem solver., can and will help Haitians turn their homeland into a true and proud state.  Will Haitians share his vision and effective ways?  It is time for the people of Haiti to have a true friend in the White House.




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