Haiti – FLASH : Marc Antoine Acra,Sebastien Acra & Drug boat Manzannares

Note from Omega :

Marc A Acra now hiding in Dominican Republic allegedly under President Medina and Felix Bautista protection: Why would President Medina and Felix Bautista give refuge to an alleged drug dealer and money launderer.? 



Haiti – FLASH : Several members of an important Haitian family accused…
07/08/2016 12:48:36

Haiti - FLASH : Several members of an important Haitian family accused...

Let’s that in April 2015 an operation of the Brigade for the Fight against Drug Trafficking (BLTS) coordinated by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) had made it possible to discover and seize after the search, a total of 108 kilos of cocaine and 15 kilos of heroin hidden in the middle of 6,500 tons of sugar, on the ship “MV Manzanares”, flying the Panamanian flag, http://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-13617-haiti-justice-major-drug-seizure.html . An operation that led to the arrest of 16 people including 3 Haitian http://www.icihaiti.com/en/news-13885-icihaiti-justice-3-haitian-and-13-crew-members-of-the-mv-manzanares-arrested.html .

Rebound in the Manzanares case following the order closing of the instruction judge Berge O. Surpris, near the Court of First Instance (TPI) of Port-au-Prince, the businessman Marc Antoine Acra, head of the company importer of the cargo sugar, Sébastien François Xavier Acra and Grégory Georges, aka “Ti Ketan” would have been charged with “illicit drug trafficking”.

Friday, Jean Danton Léger the Government Commissioner confirmed that the order had been received and that the prosecutor handling the case had been instructed to act quickly in this case. Recall that in April, the Commissioner Léger issued a departure prohibition order against Marc Antoine Acra within the Manzanares case, ban that had been overturned in appeal by the court in chambers.

To be continued…


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