HAITI FLASH UPDATE 2:According To Official Source in Haiti 500 Galils Purchased in Israel By Salim Succar

According to official sources in Haiti close to 40 Galils allegedly pucrchased by Salim Succar found in the hands of Gang Members


Very complicated situation in  Jeremie, south of PAP. All the roads are blocked. Even motorcycle are facing difficulty to pass by .
Armed groups with Galils appears to be heading toward  hotels where foreigners are lodged. It appears these are allegedly the same Galils given to Guy Phillipe  By t Salim Succar
Should a Haitian or a foreigner  loose their lives Mr Salim Succar   should face the consequences to the fullest extent of the Law.


According To Official Source in Haiti , Allegedly 500 Galils Purchased in Israel By  Salim Succar were distributed to Dea Fugitive Guy Phillipe

According to our sources, these weapons were turn over allegedly  to DEA FUGITIVE GUY PHILLIPE  for the sole purpose of training and arming a special forces that would provide security tor Lamothe ( CLINTON HENCHMEN IN HAITI ) and squash any and all oppositions if Lamothe became president.

But sadly for the ex prime minister, his candidacy was rejected by the CEP.

Omega News Staff in Haiti is investigating and will keep you inform on any and all development.

If this information reveal itself to be false, Omega will also inform the public.

But if true, were are those weapons and in the hand of whom are they?


Situation actuelle très compliquée à Jérémie. Toutes les routes sont bloquées. Même à moto ce n est pas facile.

Les groupes armés semblent viser  se des hotels où se trouveraient des ressortissants étrangers.


Le Député de la circonscription de Delmas/Tabarre, Arnel Bélizaire, réclame une enquête sur un achat d’environ 200 mitrailleuses israeliennes Galil pour le compte de Laurent Lamothe et Salim SoukarDepute de Delmas: Tabarre


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