What’s wrong with our U.S. Racist Pinochio Ambassador in Haiti?





What’s wrong with our racist Pinocchio U.S. Ambassador in Haiti?
Omega Staff Writers
December 16, 2016

A lot, seems to be wrong with this racist ambassador. And, it’s not just his breach of diplomatic convention, protocol and established norms.

In the last edition of Haiti’s venerable newspaper, “Le Nouvelliste,” we have learned that our U.S. Ambassador to Haiti, Mr. Peter H. Mulrean, has commented on the most recent electoral coup d’état performed by Haitian authorities through yet another rigged election poorly choreographed to impose the Clinton-Martelly-Boulos-Lamothe  choice of Jovenel Moise as President of Haiti, whether Haitians voted for him or not. Well, not enough Haitians voted for him unfortunately, and he has five years to prepare for another run. In our book, Dr. Maryse Narcisse won the election with 61 % of the vote, and her victory should not be stolen again, as was the case.

Since it is common knowledge in Haiti, as it must be to our very competent CIA officers, that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton singlehandedly bullied a Haitian Electoral Council into changing the results of the 2010 election to facilitate her selection of Michel Martelly as President of Haiti, we believe it important that Hillary, Martelly,Lamothe and Boulos be denied the opportunity to be repeat offenders, interfering again with an election in Haiti in favor of Mr. Jovenel Moise, a known Martelly puppet.

For the past 30 years, the U.S. Embassy in Haiti has validated every electoral coup d’état in Haiti as honest and credible. Yet, during the same time period, Haiti has been led by “elected dictators,” whose rise to power and authoritarian governments are difficult to explain. Democratic elections for elected dictators, no wonder a majority of Haitians feels lost in Haiti’s democratic process. How can democratic elections and democratic practices produce these kinds of authoritarian government and dictators? Also, during the same time period, Haiti has become successively a failed state, a collapsed state, and well on its way to become a pseudo or faux state (this is a neologism recently coined by our chairman, economist Parnell Duverger, to properly reflect the reality of the state of Haiti, so that adequate remedies can be applied to restore the state)

On the U.S. Embassy’s watch, billion of U.S. dollars have been embezzled, by the very people on behalf of whom American exceptionalism and values are being trashed by successive Ambassadors of the United States of America, who seem to care more about the agenda of the Clintons than in the genuine economic and national security interests of the United States of America. In our judgment, subsequent to a robust analysis of the election we monitored, an electoral coup d’état for Jovenel Moise has been engineered to rob Dr. Maryse Narcisse of an electoral victory she scored with 61 % of the national vote. That is called an electoral coup d’état. And, it is high time that we end this practice in Haiti, the violence of which may be of a different nature but not less acute than stealing the election in which people have voted. Electoral shenanigans will end in Haiti, because it’s important to know what explains the true vote, to have a clear indication of what the people want.

Omega World News is a business privately owned and operated by Haitian-. We are not paid with taxpayers money. And, to be honest, we will not tolerate that an ambassador who has been in Haiti for such a limited time, be so contemptuous toward our proud people who recognize a coup d’état when they see one. Get a handle on this one: a U.S ambassador lecturing Haitians about the validity or not of an election rejected as fraudulent by the people of Haiti. How drôle? When was the last time an ambassador of Haiti to the United States lectured Americans about an American election?

If the racist Clinton group at the U.S. embassy feels so capable of having an opinion on a solemn act of sovereignty to which Haitians only are invited to participate, we will gladly make available one of our valued Haitian Americans employees to debate anyone at the embassy, anytime and anywhere, on U.S. and Haitian television or radio. Some of us at Omega were born in the 1950s, and believe it me, schools were excellent and Haitian history was important. We are not sure who was the president of Haiti then, but we can tell that any foreigner who would show that kind of insolence would placed in the next plane out of Haiti. Isn’t that right Mr. Boisson also known as ( Poison or  TCHOUL BLAN )? By the way, who would benefit from your “optimistic” forecasts? Martelly and his crowd of legal bandits, and Martelly-made millionaires like, … guess who… Jovenel Moise.

Pa ba li tafia, li deja tou sou.

By the way, we expect the ambassador to issue an apology to the great people of Haiti for breaking diplomatic protocol and norms in order to insult them with open contempt. As for the little self-serving organization, the president of which accompanied the ambassador to perform that act of arrogance, he can watch and see how his kind of people have caused Haitians to launch a new revolution for honest elections, democracy, human rights, individual liberty and economic prosperity. Does ambassador Mulrean remember these values? We hope so, because the three evils of corruption, lawlessness and impunity can eat away people’s morality so fast in Mr. Boisson’s optimistic Jovenelist paradise, where hundreds of million U.S. dollars are just waiting to be stolen by the likes of Martelly, Mrs. Jovenel, Lamothe, and God only knows who else. Help us Dessalines, you … Capois-la-mort, here is your new revolution.


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