by Emmanuel Roy

The mainstream American media does not understand Donald Trump. But we at Omegaworldnews.com and other less mainstream American media sources do. Mr. Trump is doing a fine job putting a first class cabinet together. But reading from the pages of the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal one would think an impending cataclysmic event was about to occur the way the media depicts Trump s choices of cabinet members.

The American media are used to people associated with think tanks running the American Government. These people from the Ivory towers came to government with preconceived idealistic notions untempered by common sense. Mr. Trump has brought a different dimension to the way America thinks of its government. He has thus far appointed to his cabinet successful businessmen and women who know how to run a business. These people will undoubtedly represent America well. It is misguided to assume a cabinet member’s lack of experience in government is a deal breaker. Mr. Trump is not the first president-elect to choose cabinet members from corporate America. Lest we forget, George Shultz, Robert McNamara, and Dick Cheney came from corporate America.

During the campaign, Mr. Trump was criticized for his lack of foreign policy expertise. Many questioned his understanding of foreign policy. But when he chose four generals to join his administration, he gets criticized for having too many military men around him.. In a July 2016 Op-Ed, the New York Times excoriated Mr. Trump for his lack of knowledge and understanding of the world. The same week talking heads from ABC and NBC news made fun of him when he allegedly said that Russia had not gone into Crimea.

Now, as president-elect, Trump’s pick of a first class businessman to run the State Department is being criticized not only by the mainstream media, but by those from the Ivory towers who argue that Rex Tillerson is too cozy with Vladimir Putin. In other words, what the pundits want is the same old people who come to the job with a preconception that must fit into a certain paradigm regardless of whether the policy favors American interests.

The media was looking for an appointee with the capacity, training and temperament of the old foreign policy school. They did not want anyone like Rex Tillerson who can bring a more symbolic, rationalistic and imaginative approach to foreign policy. Mr. Tillerson has been a brilliant lucid Dealmaker with an unprecedented understanding of the world. Such an indispensable quality and acumen of a diplomat should be applauded not questioned. His relationship with many world leaders from Russia to Saudi Arabia would prove beneficial to America and lessen the opportunity for conflicts.

Donald Trump s choices for cabinet members have been unconventional and he has every right to be unconventional. He won the election based on his message of change. He earned the right to appoint cabinet members who support his vision of change. From Ben Carson as HUD secretary to Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State Trump is delivering on his promises and Congress must do its job by confirming these people with utmost urgency so the Trump administration can begin in earnest to undo the damages eight years of Obama has caused.



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