The Right Honorable Youri Latortue

President, Senate Commission on Ethics and Anti-Corruption

Senate of the Republic of Haiti





Parnell Duverger

Adjunct Professor of Economics (USA, Ret.)



October 19, 2016


Two hundreds and twelve years after a genuine revolution for liberty with prosperity, the sons and daughters of those who surprised the world with the only successful slave revolution in universal history, are still incapable of living the dream of their forefathers.  The basic and essential needs of Haitians are not met, democracy remains elusive, and most Haitians aspire to leave their country to find refuge in the United States, Canada, the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas, to name a few. In the past two decades, Haiti has been branded a failed state by nearly all international organizations and scholars.  Today, a by-product of the official report published by the Latortue Senatorial Commission on Ethics and Corruption, on the mismanagement of the PETROCARIBE Fund, is a convincing demonstration that the State of Haiti has collapsed.

Haiti must be re-founded for liberty, prosperity, democracy, the rule of law, and human rights.  Says the Latortue Senatorial Commission Report on the management of PETROCARIBE Fund:

“The Fiftieth Legislature is tasked with a most important priority:  it must lay the foundations of a Republic in which everyone recognizes his/her rights and duties.  It is imperative to reinforce such values in order to ensure that the administration actually serves the general public, and not the other way around.  To build a Republic that inspires confidence, however, demands that fabrications give way to truthfulness, our institutions are able to work as the law establishes, the executive branch of government accounts for its actions as must the other powers, i.e. accepts to expose, prove and justify its actions relative to the administration of public resources, both qualitatively and quantitatively.”[1]

Clearly, the Latortue Senatorial Commission on Ethics endeavors to perform the make-over of a collapsed state, as has been often recommended in the writings of a few Haitian scholars, the reflections of whom have also been published on . In our view, Haiti needs a moral re-armament as Mr. Serge Pierre-Pierre demanded about ten years ago, in a memorable article published on the Debanasyional forum.[2]

In its own and more forceful manner, Mr. Latortue’s report, presented on behalf of the members of the Senate Commission he chairs, makes also the important point that the time has arrived for a new state of Haiti to emerge from the corruption, lawlessness and impunity that block progress towards a better life for all Haitians.  The Latortue Senatorial Report marks also the first time in recent history, that an institution of the state of Haiti offers a critical report exposing the embezzlement and misappropriations of public funds in no uncertain terms.

The Latortue Senatorial Commission on Ethics’ Report on the Management of the PETROCARIBE Fund, is a must read for anyone interested in understanding how corruption unfolds and is sustained in Haiti.

That’s my word.



[1] See Senator Latortue Report on Corruption in PETROCARBE Fund, August 2016, pp. 2, 3.

[2] The Debanasyonal forum become the second major Haitian forum on the internet, following in the footstep of “Haitianpolitics,” the pioneer in a 100% Haitian focused news and comments publication on the internet.  Mr. Pierre-Pierre delivered a major article entitled” The Moral Re-armament of Haiti,”  towards a re-foundation of the state of Haiti. On Haitianpolitics, this conversation was led by the late Prof. Gerard Etienee, Prof. Parnell Duverger and Mr. Ray Killick , an engineer and logician.

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