The State of Haiti has collapsed. Now what? (Professor Parnell Duverger)





The State of Haiti has collapsed!  Now, what?

Parnell Duverger

Chairman & Senior Economist,



For the last several years, I have been saying right here on this website, that, unless something was done to end the charade of democracy being peddled to Haitians by a bizarre assortment of self-interested foreigners, the already failed state of Haiti would soon end up in a total collapse.  Now that the nation has become a killing field, and that its totally impotent government is unable to restore law and order, or provide the most rudimentary security services to its citizens and their private properties, or to foreign visitors, no one should continue to remain oblivious to the need for urgent remedial actions in a stateless Haiti.  Time is of the essence in preventing further degradation of the socio-political environment, and the escalation of violence in that poorest nation of the Caribbean region, lest we knowingly put at risk the national security of Haiti’s neighbors and other important nations in the Western Hemisphere.

Fixing Haiti is first and foremost the responsibility and business of Haitians, who must drive the modernization of the country they dream to transform, want to live in, and bequeath to their children.  The transformation Haitians seek is deeply rooted in the nation’s unique Eurocentric Afro-Caribbean Creole culture, that stands at the intersection of Western European culture now represented in Haiti by France, Canada and the United States of America, and the rich culture of Africa’s Bénin and  other African nations who lost thousands of their citizens to the economic system of slavery established by Europeans on the beautiful Island of Hispañola, It must begin with a quick return to  law and order. and a widely accepted path to electing public officials towards a total return to constitutional order.  the widest possible political agreement among Haitians, on the island and in the diaspora, on an agenda that should seek (1) to develop and maintain the social infrastructures needed for human development, (2) build and maintain the infrastructures necessary for economic development, and (3) reinvent the strong institutions of liberty without which a free society cannot exist, a necessary but limited constitutional government cannot maintain order and the rule of law, and free individuals cannot prosper.

In addition to its inability to provide to its people the political, social and economic welfare for which Haitians manifest an unsatisfied demand, which defines Haiti as a failed state, the national government has also become unable to defend or even control the nation’s borders, or to provide the most basic security services to its citizens and their private properties, which defines a collapsed state.  Try to answer the following question for yourself:  can anything of value be built in Haiti today without first transforming the state into an effective servant of the people, and a worthy and reliable partner of the private sector without which no durable development or  full employment can ever be achieved?

In support of this human development and economic development agenda, Haitians should work together to re-define, re-create and better managed their own country through just and effective new laws that will win a war against the evils of corruption. lawlessness and impunity.  Let’s make sure that a new Haiti is ready for representative democracy, as well as law and order, for freedom and prosperity to reign.   Let us re-create the State of Haiti for a new culture of freedom and a new culture of execution (read Ing. Ray Killick) , through a peaceful revolution (see the writings of the late Professor Gerard Etienne) for economic, political and social stability in all the foreseeable future and beyond.

That’s my word.


Haitian-American Economist and Professor Parnell Duverger is recognized in Haiti and the United States for his writings about politics and economics in his native Haiti.  He is the Chairman of Omega World News at where he is appreciated for his relentless and passionate campaign promoting a culture of freedom, the institutions of liberty, and a free and competitive market economy for the development of representative democracy, individual rights and freedoms, and the creation of economic wealth in his native Haiti. Professor Duverger has been quoted by important institutions such as the U.S. Treasury Department and Accuracy in Media, among others.Congressman Gilman’s Remarks at Haiti Conference Today at Washington Convention Center :, Finding the Path to Redevelopment Before the 40th Annual Congresssional Black Caucus Legislative Committee





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