Defamation case of Salim Succar vs. Parnell Duverger in the U.S. District Court Case Dissmissed:Judge’s Order

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In the defamation case of Salim Succar vs. Parnell Duverger in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, the court held a trial to determine whether Mr. Succar suffered any damages from the alleged publication of an article on the OmegaWorld site March 22, 2014.  Although Mr. Duverger denied having any part in that publication, the court had earlier found that  he had  failed to make timely answers  or meet court dates, and allowed Succar to proceed to establish any damages he suffered.


After trial today, at which Mr. Succar and Mr Duverger both testified, the court granted Duverger’s motion to dismiss the case because it lacked subject matter jurisdiction. Succar had filed his claim based on an assertion that he was a citizen of Haiti.  But when it was disclosed that he has dual citizenship in the United States and Haiti, the claim was dismissed.  U.S. law allows federal courts jurisdiction over disputes between citizens of a foreign country and citizens of the United States, but treats dual citizens as citizens of the U.S. for this purpose.


The court dismissed the case on this ground and announced that it would have found for Duverger in any event because Mr. Succar had not established any injury and damages.


Mr. Duverger was relieved and pleased with the result.


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