Haitian Dr. Reginald Boulos: the company you keep?

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Haitian Dr. Reginald Boulos: the company you keep?


April 2, 2015

Always at the forefront of power politics, the good doctor may have seen way more than anyone’s fair share of corruption, lawlessness and impunity in his native Haiti.  Dr. Reginald Boulos is a well-known figure in a  country nicknamed the Republic of NGOs, the big making money operations that intercept nearly all foreign funding for humanitarian causes in Haiti.  That’s because, for him, NGOs are also a family business.  As is a pharmaceutical firm, Pharval, that handles lots of drugs in a country that has become an international haven for shipping all sorts of illegal drugs to the United Stares of America.  When one Pharval’s product caused serious harm and even death to scores of innocent children, the company was rumored to have allegedly sued a foreign supplier, and allegedly received tens of millions $ U.S. dollars, of which the victims’ parents were said to have allegedly received less than $ U.S 100,000 dollars, combined.

The good Haitian medical doctor, ONG boss, Pharmaceutical executive, and owner of two defunct private commercial banks, is also known to have allegedly developed an excellent friendship with one Mohamed Attah, during the several years the latter is reported to have lived in Haiti, way before this radical muslim terrorist became infamously and internationally known for crashing a commercial passenger plane into one the towers of the World Trade Center on 9/11, killing over 3,000 human beings.

In addition to processing, in his privately owned Haitian commercial allegedly defunct banks, the loads of cash generated by his Pharval licensed pharmaceutical drug manufacturer, Dr. Reginald Boulos is also alleged to have facilitated, again in his own defunct commercial banks, the handling of huge sums of money belonging to Mr. Attah, then a terrorist in waiting, in a sleeping cell.  With businesses so big and profitable, it is no wonder that Dr. Boulos may have felt the urge to create his own private army.  Did he or did he not?

Dr. Boulos is alleged to have powerful friends among the gang leaders of Cite Soleil and other shanty towns in Port-au-Prince, where hunger sometimes leads to unfortunate decisions.  Will so many friends in tough places testify on his behalf, as new allegations of wrongdoing can potentially be made by even older friends in politics and business?  Then again, it depends on the company one keeps.  In the sudden company of competent and dedicated law enforcement officials, who knows what a conversation may lead to, about or from old company one kept?

It is noteworthy to mention that, according to omegaworldnews.com’s own intelligence unit in Port-au-Prince, intelligence services on three different continents are now interested in understanding the root causes of the corruption, lawlessness and impunity that are blocking progress in democracy, human rights, the rule of law and economic development in Haiti.  Important personalities will soon be held accountable for their actions.


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