Anthony Rodham.Is He A Front Man for Hilary and Bill Clinton in Haiti’s Gold Mine ?








Haiti’s Gold

Note from omegaworldnews:

 The Clintons struck gold in Haiti, where, according to Bill Clinton, Laurent Lamothe remains unrivaled as a Prime Minister, and President Martelly is an excellent dictator,along with Reginald Boulos in the Haiti Reconstruction Funds.

 Gooooooooooooooooold.  What else is new Mr. former president of the United States of America?.  What else is new Mr. former president of the United States of America.



Omega investigators have learned that VCS Mining, a mining company comprised of Haiti’s elite, also has strong connections to the Clinton family. Anthony Rodham,Hillary’s little brother, is a director. Another director is Jean-Max Bellerive, former Prime Minister and co-chair of the IHRC.


The VCS mining permit was issued courtesy of Ludner Ramarais, Director of the BME and Jacques Rousseau, Minister of Public Works, in November 2012. There was a strong push back from the Haitian Senate against this permit in early 2013, as the original “Conventions” dating as far back as 1997 were called into question. The “conventions” were passed during “decree” governments. While the Senate voted that all these old “Conventions” were not valid, there was a significant international lobby effort to get the Senate to back away from stopping this. At stake are the VCS permit and a Canadian company, Majescor-SOMINE.


It is certainly bad enough that the US Government took Haiti’s Gold during the 1914 US Coup d’tat. But now we have the Clinton’s, who can either be regarded as NGO’s and/or the US Government, along with Haiti’s elite raiding the gold again.


The VCS permit only represents a small portion of the wealth that Haiti has in precious metals. It would seem, that when Haiti is able to restore its democracy, the people need to put policies in place that will insure that the vast wealth, estimated into the Billions of dollars, benefits all Haitians.


In 1982 the new state of Alaska was opening up its oil reserves to US Companies. Through a democratic process, a law was passed that set up a trust fund, and dividends would be paid directly to each resident of that state. The oil companies complained, saying that they could not operate with such a program in place, but they did. The fund was very successful, and all people benefited. Today, Alaska has the forth-highest per capita income in the US. Several oil rich middle-eastern counties have also followed suit.


There is simply no reason that the precious metals of Haiti, and eventually, the oil of Haiti cannot follow this example. Its time for the power-brokers of the World and for the Haitian elite to step aside, and allow the people of Haiti their due.


In other news, we were also informed that Bill Clinton was parading around Port-Au-Prince ex-prime minister Laurent lamothe .!

Why is Bill Clinton so intent on protecting Laurent Lamothe whom,left Haiti with 1.2 billions of dollars unaccounted for.?


What shady deal in Haiti that Bill Clinton has been allegedly involved,that he is afraid of Laurent Lamothe.?

Omega Will soon  publish a report on corruption in Haiti by Members of the Intenational Community.!

Omega Staff Writers


Haitian Senate Call To stop Mining Permit

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