#UPDATE surprising wealth developed so quickly by the son of Haiti’s president, Mr. Olivier Martelly?





US Radio Stations inquiring about an estimated $ 2.5 billions unaccounted for in Haiti.

This morning, , on a powerful US Radio Station, and in a syndicated radio show, the pervasive corruption in Haiti was examined.  Questions were raised about the sudden wealth accumulated by the family members of President Michel Martelly.  Mr. Olivier Martelly, son of the president, received special attention for the expensive mansion he bought in the state of Florida, as well as the expensive yacht and pricey cars he now owns.  For an American syndicated radio show to become interested in such Haitian matters is significant, because it may be an indicator of the egregious nature of the embezzlement that has allegedly been  facilitated by former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, in favor of the first family.  Mr. Lamothe resigned recently amid accusations that included alleged theft of public funds.

The radio show stressed the fact that, shortly before Mr. Michel Martelly was sworn in as President of Haiti, and with his wife Sofia, the couple lost 3 houses through foreclosures for failure to pay their mortgages.  Thus, inquiries about the new wealth of their son, Mr. Olivier Martelly, are legitimate issues to be examined by law enforcement.  It has also been said that an estimated $ 2.5 Billions of foreign aid money may have disappeared that remain unaccounted for, according to investigators.  Is this the source of the surprising wealth developed so quickly by the son of Haiti’s president, Mr. Olivier Martelly?  Should the president, the prime minister and their respective entourage, be allowed to leave Haiti and escape justice?  People familiar with Haiti’s extremely high level of corruption believe that former Prime Minister Lamothe is making the round of all ministries and departments in order to destroy all evidences of embezzlement of foreign aid funds.

One thing seems certain, though, whether in Haiti or elsewhere, the now wealthy autocrats of Haiti will face justice, and be forced to return their loot.  They should not even attempt to destroy evidences, most if not all of which has been secured.  Surely, Haiti’s struggling people deserves better.

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