Reginald Boulos’ brother Rodolphe directs Haiti’s Pharval pharmaceutical firm


Note from  In the modern world, when the president of a country takes responsibility for the kind of mess Mr. Martelly created in Haiti, including what his own Finance Minister calls a “state of economic emergency,” that president apologizes to the nation and tenders his resignation.  That president does not add to the list of his misdeeds, by allegedly having a Reginald Boulos take control of an Electoral Commission to allegedly “fix” an upcoming election.  That president resigns, after giving back the loot he has allegedly accumulated and comes clean about how his former Prime Minister allegedly helped him rob his country, the poorest of our hemisphere, while pretending to spend money on “extreme poverty.”

RUNNING THE COUNTRY: After Killing our
childrens with his medecine, Reginald Boulos 
intend to do the same with the country.
Reginald Boulos was a member of IHRC with 
Bill Clinton, Laurent Lamothe etc.? 
Were Did All The Money Go.?

On June 16 officials of the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC)admitted that the agency had sponsored a 1989-1991 EZ experiment conducted by Kaiser Permanente of California on nearly 1,500babies in Los Angles. Parents were not told the EZ vaccine was experimental. "A mistake was made," current CDC director David
Satcher said. "[T]hings sometimes fall through the cracks." The CDC says none of the infants were harmed. [Philadelphia Inquirer 6/17/96 from Los Angles Times]

 The Mexico study was conducted in
1987 on 1,360 babies in three areas, including Mexico City's Iztapalapa delegacion (administration unit). The experiment was jointly sponsored by the CDC and the Mexican Health Secretariat, with funding from the US Agency for International Development
(USAID). [New England Journal of Medicine 3/1/90] Mexico reported no excess deaths, but the study included no children with histories of malnutrition or immune system problems. [Undated fact sheet by medical writer Worth Cooley-Prost]
In Haiti the vaccine was given to 2,097 babies from 1987 to 1988 in Port-au-Prince's Cite Soleil section. About half the babies were already enrolled in an HIV research program, and the followup study did not 
count some 100 deaths among these children, on the assumption that they died of HIV-related causes.
The study was administered by Baltimore's Johns Hopkins University and the USAID-funded Centers for Development and Health (CDS), a network of clinics in Cite Soleil. The CDS suspended operations earlier this year due to political and financial problems. [WOH and NVIC fact sheet 7/16/96] Haitian activists have repeatedly accused the CDS and its director, Dr.Reginald 
Boulos, of employing members of rightwing death squads.
On Oct. 15, 1995, protesters threw rocks at a motorcade taking US vice president Al Gore's wife Tipper Gore to visit the CDSoffices [see Update 299].
Reginald Boulos' brother Rodolphe directs Haiti's 
Pharval pharmaceutical firm, which was founded by Dr. Carlo Boulos,health minister under dictator Francois ("Papa Doc") Duvalier.

Current health minister Dr. Rodolphe Mallebranche says that two non-prescription anti-fever syrups made by Pharval, Valodon and Afebrile, were contaminated recently with diethylene glycol,
which causes renal failure. Some 60 children have been poisoned by the syrups in the last few months; most have died. Pharval insists that the contaminated 
syrups were pirated versions made in "clandestine laboratories." [Haiti Info Vol. 4, #17, 6/29/96]
In the middle of this month the Health Ministry ordered a temporary suspension of Pharval's operations. [Diario Las
Americas (Miami) 7/18/96]

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