A nation and a people of African descent outside of Africa, with a free society? Absolutely. And, it’s about to be known all over the world as Haiti.







Laurent Lamothe must stop the senseless provocation, intimidation and violence in Haiti.


Omega’s Editorial Board

December 24, 2014


Haitians have been told that Mr. Laurent Lamothe is no longer the prime minister of their nation, since he recently read his resignation letter on public television and radio.

Mr. Lamothe lied.  And, unfortunately, President Martelly must still be under that man’s spell to allow him to behave and act still like a de facto prime minister, enabling him to continue to inflict even greater damages on the people of Haiti, the innumerable consequences of which are causing irreparable torts to the entire nation.  Thus, President Martelly must now also be held liable for Mr. Lamothe’s misdeeds and crimes against the Haitian people.

According to reliable sources, not only is Mr. Lamothe allowed to continue making the round of government offices, destroying official government records in the futile hope of blocking investigations of his egregious embezzlement of public funds owned by the people of Haiti, the former-and-still-ruling-behind-the-scene Prime Minister Lamothe is allegedly arming his goons to assault those who are marching in peaceful protests against his unqualified misrule, theft of public funds, human rights abuses and the murders for which he is directly responsible.

Haitians are now protesting on the streets of all major cities in their country, in order to reform their state into a coherent system that will support a free society and a free enterprise economy, for a nation born for liberty.  A free and democratic society is a gift of the American revolution to humanity, to all the people of the world.  While Haitians applaud and hope to follow the nations that chose freedom as a basis for their way of life, it must be stressed that no race or culture, no group of countries can pretend to possess a monopoly on the right of organizing a state for a free society in a free nation.  A nation and a people of African descent, with a free society?  Absolutely.  And, it’s about to be known all over the world as Haiti.

Yes, after all these years.  No one can stop that, certainly not Michel Martelly nor Laurent Lamothe, nor their accomplices in the world.

Happy Holidays to all, and peace to all persons of good will.


The Omega Editorial Board




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