Haiti #Haiti:Mr. Rony Desvarennes, Mr. Evans André (Vieux) , and Mr. Enrico Prospescu,names used by Mr. Lamothe to hide his own identity

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Note From Omega :

Haiti Prime Minister Laurent Salvador Lamothe is the  owner of Global Voice Group

 A US Company base in South Africa allegedly implicated in  a dubious contract in Liberia  .Pm Laurent S Lamothe is a controversial figure in most African countries.

Haiti PM laurent Lamothe was Minister of Foreign Affairs when he allegedly  financed the campaign of now , New President of Liberia Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Were did the money come from:?

Haiti not open for business for sure, but Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe definitely is …


Omega Staff Writers

November 19, 2014

You thought you had heard it all about Haiti’s Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe’s ethical challenges?  Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire, Liberia? Global Voice Group?

From President Martelly”s brother-in-law, Mr. Charles (Kick0) St-Rémy, we’ve learned yesterday, after peaceful demonstrators were pelted with rocks and empty bottles, and then sprayed with bullets from an automatic firearm, Haitian media reported, that it was all the work of none other than PM Lamothe himself, whom, he said, has been throwing his political opponents to jail where he was certain that they would stay, since the nation’s judicial system has long been transformed into the prime minister’s private Kangooroo Court.  So, has the Haitian National Police force been transformed into the prime minister’s private army.

But, just when you thought you had heard all about this con man extraordinaire, who is not afraid to perform on the World stage, here is some new stuff for you.

Everyone knows that Mr. Laurent Lamothe, the prime minister of the small and poor Caribbean nation of Haiti, is a frequent traveler, who must have logged more air miles than even the U.S. Secretary of State.  The man is always on a plane, flying to drum up business somewhere for his nation, one would think.  Nope, it was generally for his own private businesses.  The man practically rob Haiti blind to finance all sorts of private businesses, using a team of surrogates, one of whom, Mr. Rony Desvarennes is also his courrier, who transports loads of cash for Mr. Lamothe with a foreign diplomatic passport since he is an honorary consul for 2 african nations, and travels to several countries of Africa where he buys diamonds for his boss, since the precious gems are more invisible to investigators and corruption experts, than are hard cash and bank accounts.  Mr. Desvarennes is also one of the names used by Mr. Lamothe to hide his own identity as the real owner of several business entities.  So, that’s where a lot of the foreign aid money end up, that has been generously given to Haiti by the international community.

Tropic Build Worldwide, S.A. is one such business entity, formally owned by Mr. Rony Desvarennes, Mr. Evans André (Vieux) the prime minister’s cousin, and Mr. Enrico Prospescu, a Romanian-American.  You will recall that Mr. Evans André (Vieux), the cousin, was the happy winner of a no bid contract to install street lights in Port-au-Prince, and other cities, that earned the real owner of that business, Mr. Lamothe, a net $ 6,200.00/a street light.  We are talking about tens if not hundreds of millions U.S. dollars.

Another business entity is Estrella, based in Spain.  And, the list goes on and on, our confidential sources tell us.  (We just don’t want to bore you, with more disgusting details.)

The indispensable Mr. Rony Desvarennes is being investigated for money laundering, as he uses a diplomatic status to transport money and diamonds for his boss, in tandem with another Lamothe “partner” and surrogate, Mr. Evans St-Clair, of Miami Beach, Florida, who is also being investigated even as he flew earlier  to Suriname, where investigators were already on his tail.  Mr.  Evans St-Clair is believed to also be very busy transporting cash which he exchanges for diamonds in Africa for his bosses Haiti PM Laurent Salvador Lamothe  and President Boutese of Suriname, our sources say.  President Boutese’s son is in jail cell in the United States, after he was arrested many months ago on several criminal charges including money laundering.

So, you see, all this traveling at the expense of poor Haitians and the taxpayers of international donor countries, is what the Prime Minister of Haiti is all about.  It is he who is open for business, for sure.

www.omegaworldnews has assigned 2 investigative reporters to this story.  Stay tuned. There is more to come.

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