Wanted : Statesmen and women for Haiti /Prof Parnell Duverger

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Wanted :  Statesmen and women for Haiti


Parnell Duverger







To our collective admiration, respect and affection, irrespective of our cultural differences, world history sometimes submits the extraordinary achievements of honorable and distinguished personalities, who have gone beyond the strict framework and duties of their civic, political functions or party affiliations, and pushed the limits of our human condition – that  too often encourages our ego to become a greater master than our reason – in order to unite their country behind an innovative, reasonable and hopeful vision of the national interest and the common good.

Such vision summons the national character to rise above the occasional petty-mindedness of partisan politics, calls on the generosity of heart befitting a great nation, and demands that individuals squarely face their own personal civic obligations, so that society can be endowed with a higher level of cohesion, civilization and progress. In the remarkable personalities able to lead their people in critical times, all societies and eras honor not only meritorious leaders, but most of all statesmen and women of valor.

Never in its turbulent history, has Haiti been in greater need of these rare, exceptional and worthy sons and daughters of the republic, the clairvoyance and courage of whom a grateful nation will honor until the end of time; statesmen and women whose distinctive merit will have been to spare their national community of a dreadful cascade of predictable crises, of terribly devastating consequences, already heralded by elections too late to be held in suitable serenity, and irreparably damaged by the incompetence, greed and deceit of some, and the devious political scheming of others, while courage and right are derided and frowned upon.

Haitian society today is again facing a tough and critical political situation, that is complicated by a constitutional mess and unprecedented ethical vacuum which, however, also offers opportunities for inspiring and competent leadership commensurate with the great dignity and the courage of the hard working people of Haiti.  Such leadership is necessary to explain to the entire nation, in ways the common man and woman can understand and accept, the individual sacrifices that will be demanded from many in order to secure a better and more hopeful future for the most vulnerable among us today, and for the next generations of Haitians.

We need the statesmen and women of Haiti to lead our people in a complete make-over of the State of Haiti, for its true rebirth, to insure its constant readiness to succeed in its most fundamental mission, which is to protect and serve liberty in our country, guarantee the individual freedoms and rights of all Haitians, maintain the rule of law, peace and order, enforce strict respect for private property and the institutions of liberty, promote representative democracy and free market capitalism as our way of life, and support the free societies of the world, in international affairs.

In Haiti today, the statesmen and women must step forward to spearhead the transformation of Haiti into a free society, to take responsibility for the future of the nation and the welfare of their fellow Haitians.  They are needed to inspire the people to work for the advancement of all in peace and brotherly love, and for the necessary and permanent renewal of the freedom loving spirit that bonds together all Haitians in a sacred union, forever.  Many will have to return to the motherland, after they have been pushed away into a long exile, perhaps, for political or economic motives, or by criminals who coveted valuable assets they owned.  But, in reality, it was Providence that wanted them to experience life among free people and learn the ways of free societies. So now, a new challenge awaits them that must be met before they can rest, and that is to coach Haiti into the free world.

Statesmen and women of Haiti, this is your time.  Please, step forward.




Haitian-American,Economist and Professor Parnell Duverger is recognized in the Haitian internet fora, and as Chairman of Omega World News at www.omegaworldnews.com for his relentless and passionate campaign promoting a culture of freedom, the institutions of liberty, and a free and competitive market economy for the development of representative democracy, individual rights and freedoms, and the creation of economic wealth in his native Haiti. Professor Duverger has been quoted by important institutions such as the U.S. Treasury Department and Accuracy in Media, among others.Congressman Gilman’s Remarks at Haiti Conference Today at Washington Convention Center :, Finding the Path to Redevelopment Before the 40th Annual Congresssional Black Caucus Legislative Committee
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