Haiti’s Insecurity: A Safe Haven for Al-Quaida and ISIS? / Joel R Deeb

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Haiti’s Insecurity:  A Safe Haven for Al-Quaida and ISIS?


Joel R. Deeb



Security and Military Analyst in

Africa and Latin America




With ISIS now dominating cable news and keeping Security Analysts busy in the United States, and everywhere in the West indeed, Mr. Putin’s adventures in Ukraine and China’s new assertiveness in international airspace cannot be left unchecked, if one wants to highlight the congruent factors pointing to a new world more dangerous than we have ever seen since the end of the long cold war.  Never since such old days have liberty and the serenity of the democratic way of life faced threats so ominous and so imminent.  Because of this, even a small country like Haiti matters very much, if it can enable those who want to destroy our individual freedoms and impair our ability to remain safe and prosperous.


Today’s Haiti is the future that a great many Haitians, and some in the International Community, did not want to look in the face thirty years ago, to see it coming: a failed state and one of the world’s worse.  The rule of law is totally non-existent in that nation, having been thrown into the depth of the Caribbean Sea to make room for the highest level of corruption ever registered in a country in which every new crop of kleptomaniac dictators wants to outdo the previous ones in stealing the treasury, jailing the innocent, denying the civil rights of their citizens, deciding who dies and who lives, and refusing to organize elections unless they can control every aspect of the results.


Amazingly, the current crop of shameless public officials calling themselves a government in Haiti seems to have won already, way ahead of time, and a full two years before their term is officially over, the contest for the meanest and sleaziest “you know what” in their nation’s troubled history, … and the hungriest too!  For, while they may very well have stolen over $ 1 billion U.S. dollars in as little as just 3 years, as a lot of Haitians now believe and a record in the country’s entire 200-plus-year history, they still think it only lucrative and good business to bring their self-proclaimed entrepreneurial talents into selling Haitian nationality credentials to potentially dangerous enemies of freedom, “clients” who could be members of Al-Quaida and ISIS, according to very reliable sources close to the seats of power in Haiti.


This, of course, should be a matter of grave concerns to the United States, Canada, France, Great Britain and other major democracies in the world.  But, lesser powers on the American continent should worry too.  As lawlessness, corruption and insecurity continue to reign supreme in Haiti today, could that nation be transforming itself into a safe haven for radical Islam under our very eyes, as one thing leads into another?


Joel R Deeb

Miami, Fl



Haitian-American Joel Ramphis Deeb is a Professional Political Consultant with over 20 years experience providing sound analysis, interpretation, problem solving skills land public policy recommendations for solving various political problems that affect national security, public safety and the effectiveness of government, Chairman and CEO, Omega  Analyst, Strategic Studies / Counter Terrorism Action Plan, Latin America 1980 – Present. Congressman Gilman’s Remarks at Haiti Conference Today at Washington Convention Center :, Finding the Path to Redevelopment Before the 40th Annual Congresssional Black Caucus Legislative Committee

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