Mr. Rony Colin and His Radio Zenith Paying a Very High Price For Defending Freedom, Democracy and Rule of Law in Haiti

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Mr. Rony Colin and His Radio Zenith Paying a Very High Price For Defending Freedom, Democracy and Rule of Law in Haiti.

Parnell Duverger


May 22, 2014


            Haiti is back to its old totalitarian ways.  In fact, it never left them. The democratic process that began there in February 1986, after the collapse of the Duvalier dictatorial dynasty, must now be explicitly recognized as a total failure, the most complete understanding of which is necessary to acquire the appropriate knowledge base that will inform effective policies for a successful renewed attempt at democratizing Haiti.  

            Meanwhile, real people are being hurt.  Some have been seating in jail for years now without ever having been taken to a courtroom to see a judge, illegally, and on false charges, since the political opinions or actions for which they are incarcerated in reality are no crimes under Haiti’s new constitution of 1987.  Many more have been savagely beaten up to death, simply shot to death or otherwise made to vanish into thin air.  In this respect, the current totalitarian and blood-spilling government of Haiti – led by President Michel Martelly and Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe – feels so emboldened, that they are now openly meting out the most severe retributions to people who were already victims of human rights abuses so egregious that the U.S. Department of State correctly decided to bring them to light in its 2013 Human Rights Report on Haiti.  

            One such case has to do with Mr. Rony Colin, owner and general manager of Radio Tele Zenith 102.5 FM, and his school age children, who are all citizens of the United States.  In March 2014, just about a month after the Feb. 2014 publication of the 2013 U.S. Department of State Human Rights Report on Haiti, Mr. Colin, his radio station and its news reporters began to experience the full wrath of the Government of Haiti (GOH) in retaliatory actions so vicious that they include threats of kidnapping and physical harm against his school age children, delivered in one of two envelopes addressed to Mr. Colin’s office at his radio station.  The second envelope contained two bullets, a new signature practice of the criminals who call themselves a government in Haiti. These mafia-like figures even gave themselves a nickname carefully chosen to instill fear in the general population.  They enjoy being called “legal bandits.” 

            Yesterday (05.21.2014), Mr. Colin received his third court order to appear in front of a magistrate to answer bogus charges of defamation against members of the government of Haiti.  Except that this time around, he has been asked to show up in a correctional court, which, under Haitian law, is reserved for those whose guilt has been established by a prosecutor’s office. 

            Almost every news report or analysis at radio Zenith is now pronounced defamatory by Haiti’s government, like the flash news about the illegal and arbitrary arrest of Mr. Rony Timothé on Saturday May 17, 2004 in the vicinity of the Port-au-Prince.  Since that that day, Mr. Timothe is being shuffled from one jail to another in the country, most of the time away from the capital city of Port-au-Prince where he lives with his family.  At the time of this writing, Mr. Timothe was still being held incommunicado and every attempt to visit him has been blocked by the government.  Mr. Rony Timothe is also a candidate for a seat in the Haitian House of Representatives.  So, need we say more about the fairness of elections organized under the aegis of Mr. Michel Martelly?  A persistent rumor out there on the streets has it that Mr. Rony Timothe has been savagely beaten and sodomized by government goons. There are no secrets in Haiti.

            Back to Mr. Rony Colin, owner-manager of Radio Tele Zenith, whose case, as a victim of the human rights violations perpetrated by Haiti’s totalitarian and increasingly brutal and murderous government, was featured in the official 2013 Human Rights Report published by the United States government, are we going to allow a foreign government so dependent on the tax dollars of our hard working citizens to dare retaliate so viciously against the very people we seek to protect from the inhumane violence of abusive governments.  Mr. Rony Colin and his school age children, all of whom are U.S. citizens, must be protected against the barbarism of President Matelly and Prime Minister Lamothe.

            Since when has Haiti become a global power that would dare to even think that the United States of America can be so openly bullied, especially by a band of crooks, thieves, drug dealers and murderers that we still allow to call themselves a government in the poorest country of our hemisphere?  By the way, where have the billions of dollars gone that U.S. taxpayers gave to Haiti in the last 3 years?

Parnell Duverger





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