Haiti News : Joel Danies, a capable man on an awkward mission.


Joel Danies:  A capable man, on an awkward mission.
Parnell Duverger
April 25, 2014 Omega Logo
During my afternoon commute back home today, I heard on my Audionow telephone link to Caraïbesfm in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Mr. Joel Danies, in a most remarkable interview with Mr. Jean Monard Metellus, the Haitian star journalist and host of “Ranmase,” an extremely popular public affair program of the radio station’s Saturday morning broadcast.    Mr. Danies is Deputy Coordinator for Political Affairs & Office Director, Office of the Special Coordinator, at the U.S. Department of State, i.e. the No. 2 Official for U.S. foreign policy in Haiti.
A native and very fluent speaker of Haitian Creole, Mr. Danies’ deep roots in Haiti also make it easy for him to blend in quickly and naturally, in meetings with the nation’s public officials and private individuals or organizations.  In his public interviews, he comes across as an intelligent man and a skillful diplomat who controls his message with confidence, and delivers it in a plain and convincing creole language, supported by all the persuasive non-verbal mannerisms peculiar to Haitian culture.  In addition to these genuinely Haitian credentials that make him a perfect fit for his job, Mr. Danies also holds a Master of Science degree in National Security Strategy from the National War College, and a B.A. in Political Science and Government from the University of Maryland.  He has all the stuff that commands respect and admiration from every Haitian American, and from every Haitian, period.  He is a very capable man.
It is unfair, in many ways, however, that Mr. Joel Danies was handed an impossible and awkward mission destined to fail as, for Haitians, what he has been asked to do is too reminiscent of and bear all the hallmarks of the bizarre and failed policies of the Clinton administration, in Haiti.  As President of the United States and leader of the free world, Mr. Clinton and his totally inept team of foreign policy makers threw a curve ball to Haitians when they began to impose on Haiti fraudulent elections that were never honest, democratic or free, and were to be accepted as credible only because President Clinton’s White House and State Department said so.  But, this long string of fake elections left Haiti with another string of elected autocrats whose successive totalitarian governments have not only caused the failure of the democratic process in an already turbulent Haitian political environment, but have also taken Haiti into its current classification as a failed state in the annual index published by the Fund for Peace (http://library.fundforpeace.org/fsi).
The problem for Mr. Danies is that Haitians are now fully informed about their collective plight, and they don’t want to play this nasty game anymore that has turned their nation into a failed state, and puts them deeper into poverty with rising crimes against life and property, while a few game players are allowed to ransack the nation’s treasury and the foreign aid extended to their needy country, for their own personal gains.  So, an increasing number of Haitians not only understands the entire scheme in which elections are at first deliberately delayed, to pave the way for a sudden rush to elections at all costs without any real participation of Haitian society, political parties or their voters.  Elections in Haiti, without any actual meaningful participation of the people of Haiti.  Wow… what an abstract concept! Worthy of embellishing the résumé of international bureaucrats and consultants on the back of the poorest country of our hemisphere!
The game changer for Mr. Joel Danies’ bosses is the impressive number of Haitian-Americans, Haitian-Canadians, Franco-Haitians, who are well-schooled in the philosophy of Liberty, and are also determined to bring Haiti into the free world, with a truly representative system of democratic government, that stands on honest and good governance anchored on honest, free, democratic and credible elections, strong institutions of liberty, the rule of law, respect for human dignity and the human rights of all, the same kinds that have ushered in an era of individual freedoms and economic prosperity to the model nations of Germany, France, the United States, Canada, Great Britain, and their likes in which free societies prosper.  There will no longer be any fake or substandard democracy in Haiti that cannot measure up to the great and free societies of Western civilization, especially in this new age of international terrorism.
The old Clinton model has failed Haitians, because it was and is still based on the political expediencies of the former president’s own political needs, and not on the real aspirations of Haitians for a free, peaceful and stable society. 
We need to go back to basics, back to square one.  And, that means having elections that truly matter for our people and that will take them to the free society they vote for all the times, when they risk their lives on rickety boats to reach the shores of Miami, in the United States of America.  No one else can do it for us, nor can we be rushed into fulfilling the occult agenda of others.  Enough of our own people now know the way.  We’ve learned from the best in the United States and the nations of the free world.  And, we want nothing less than true elections that lead to true democracy, good governance and the rule of law.  We want to take the time to do the job right.  And, in that, Mr. Joel Danies is free to join us.  He is a capable man, and we’ll be happy to use his remarquable education, experience, skills and talents, in the job that he holds now.
Fort Lauderdale
April 25, 2014
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