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Thailand nightclub fire kills at least 13 and injures dozens

Chonburi province in southeast Thailand was rocked by a devastating nightclub fire that left at least 13 people dead and 41 injured.
Mountain B nightclub in Sattahip district caught fire at 1 a.m. On Friday (18:00 GMT Thursday), according to police.
People were caught on camera fleeing the club in hysterics, some with their garments on fire.
It is possible that flammable materials on the walls contributed to the fire, according to rescuers.

Chonburi, a region around 150 kilometres south of Bangkok, provided a 4,800-square-metre venue.

Local media said that firefighters fought the blaze for no less than two hours before it was brought under control.

Those who died were largely discovered near the entrance and in the restrooms, with four women and nine men among the deceased. Several people were spotted near the DJ booth.

It has been determined that all of the victims are Thai nationals.

Fire investigators are still trying to narrow down the source of the blaze, but according to the Rescue Foundation named Sawang Rojanathammasathan , the clubs’ flammable acoustic foam walls may have hastened the spread of the fire.
Thai nightclubs have had their share of fires in the past.

In the early hours of January 1, 2009, a fire at Bangkok’s Santika Club claimed the lives of more than 60 individuals. In 2011, two individuals, including the club’s owner, were sentenced to prison.

Four people were murdered and over a dozen others were injured when a nightclub fire broke out in Phuket, a major Thai tourist destination.

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