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Nancy Pelosi’s travel to Taiwan has sparked a dispute between Pakistan and the United States.

Nancy Pelosi's travel to Taiwan

According to media reports, Pakistan reaffirmed on Wednesday its steadfast devotion to the “one China” policy in the aftermath of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s contentious travel to Taiwan.

Pakistan Foreign Office spokesman Asim Iftikhar made a statement expressing his staunch support for China’s sovereignty, according to The News.

When it comes to regional peace and stability, “Pakistan is genuinely concerned about the deterioration of the Taiwan Strait,” he stated.

World peace, security, and economic stability were already at risk owing to the Ukraine conflict, so the Foreign Office warned that ” a new crisis is out of the question and has severe effects for global peace, security, and economy.”.

International relations should be founded on mutual respect, noninterference in internal affairs and peaceful resolution of problems by honouring the UN charter, international law, and bilateral agreements,” according to the Pakistani government’s policy.

Immediately, China warned the Ambassador of states in Beijing of “very serious consequences” and announced military exercises in the seas surrounding Taiwan — some of the busiest waterways in the world.

In the face of escalating threats from Beijing, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi arrived in Taiwan on Tuesday, despite Beijing’s claim that the island is part of its territory.

Vice Foreign Minister Xie Feng warned Burns that her visit was “very flagrant in essence and the results are exceedingly serious,” according to Chinese news outlet Xinhua.

This is the first time in 25 years that a high-ranking elected US official has visited Taiwan.