NEW YORK, NEW YORK – Haitian diplomacy has no apparent objective or articulable goals that rest on any basic international principle, or vision of an independent nation state designed to protect its national or international interest. As a fail nation-state Haiti derives no objective benefits for the money it spends in maintaining embassies and consulates in many parts of the world. Aside from the unestablished purpose of Haitian diplomacy, most of the people who have managed Haitian diplomacy in the last three decades have acted confused precisely because they do not understand the purpose of the job they have  been asked to perform, Which brings me to the current decision of Antonio Rodrigue, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, through a public communique recalling Haiti’s ambassador to the United Nations, Mr. Denis Regis for consultation with regard to a statement released by MINUJUSTH regarding corruption in Haiti, particularly the PetroCaribe scandal.


The petrocaribe scandal has been an embarrassing issue for the Haitian government, not because of corruption (Haiti is the most corrupt countries in the world), but  because of the extent of the corruption and the  brazen theft and embezzlement of 2.3 billion dollars that vanished into the pockets of some two dozens government officials.  From 2006 to 2016 two dozens Haitian government officials with assured hands wielding enormous power, amassed personal fortunes valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars. The administrator of the PetroCaribe fund, Mr. Michael Lecorps together with the Minister of Finance, Mr. Wilson Laleau designed and spearheaded a plan to siphon-off as much money as possible through bribes and kickbacks.


Omegaworldnews has been calling for a special prosecutor to investigate the theft. Two years ago, a senate committee headed by Senator Youri Latortue issued a damning report concluding that several high level officials in the Martelly administration have embezzled the funds through a well-orchestrated scheme involving kickbacks and bribes for issuance of no-bid contracts to companies associated with several ministers, including the ministers of finance (Wilson Laleau) the minister of public works Jacques Rousseau , the Minister of Health Florence Duperval Guillaume , the minister of planning and external cooperation Yves Germain Joseph , and several other officials close to former president Michel Martelly.


Since the release of the report, this newspaper has published many articles explaining to our readers how the money was embezzled and the responsible parties. The Haitian government chose to turn a blind eye to the report.  President Jovenel Moise, who is close to Martelly has not acknowledged or even discussed the petrocaribe theft, partly because his own chief staff Wilson Laleau is deeply involved in the scandal. A month ago, president Martelly acknowledged that members of his administration embezzled tens of millions of dollars of the petrocaribe fund, creating chaos across the political landscape in Port-Au-Prince.


The declaration encouraged UN representative through MINUJUSTH to call for an investigation, and for the Haitian government to develop a plan to curb corruption. A few weeks ago, a Judge was appointed to investigate the petrocaribe scandal. On February 25, 2018 through a press release, the UN representative in Haiti Susan D. Page issued a public statement applauding the appointment of the judge, and called for other judges to be appointed to look into human right abuses by the Haitian national police. The Haitian government takes the position that such statement by the UN is an unacceptable intrusion into Haiti’s domestic affairs, and such overreach has the potential to cause political instability.


Mr. Rodrigue’s decision left many observers scratching their heads wondering  about the purpose of recalling the ambassador. This knee-jerk reaction is somewhat understandable because the UN is putting its fingers on something that could cause international embarrassment to Haiti’s political  and business class, and can potentially land many people in prison deservedly so.


Wilson Laleau, senior advisor and chief of staff to President Moise is implicated in the scandal which makes Rodrigue’s decision very suspect. The Latortue report concluded that Mr. Laleau was the ring leader of the petrocaribe scheme having approved several companies to operate in Haiti for the sole purpose of receiving contracts for which Mr. Laleau and his co-conspirators received kickbacks. It is logical to assume that the minister’s decision to recall the ambassador is a futile attempt to register Mr. Laleau’s mecontentment with MINUJUSTH’s decision to fuel an investigation into what could potentially land Mr. Laleau and his cohorts in prison.


Omega would like to remind Mr. Rodrigue and his boss, Wilson Laleau, that what is destabilizing to Haiti is the level of corruption, the nepotism, and other economic crimes couple with lawlessness and a decrepit judicial system marred in corruption where judges can be brought by the highest bidder. In a nation where corruption investigations are often quashed or thwarted before they begin, it is doubtful whether this new investigation would result in any indictment. As usual, Omega would continue to investigate this matter. Stay tune.


Omega Staff Writers


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