WASHINGTON, DC – Who would have thought that Robert Mueller, the man revered for his impartiality could possibly have a credibility problem?  At least one major newspaper’s editorial board thinks so, albeit a bit too late.  Early this summer, this newspaper’s editorial board was the first to call for the ouster of Robert  Mueller for reasons that were very clear to us but seem to be apparent to others only now.  On December 5, 2018, the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal for the first time called for the ouster of Robert Mueller, and observed that “Robert Mueller is too conflicted to investigate the FBI and should step down in favor of someone more credible.”


Mr. Mueller had been knee-deep into conflicts since he became special counsel. First of all Mueller led the FBI for over a decade. He worked very closely with the man who triggered his appointment – Mr. James Comey. He is Comey’s best friend and Comey recommended him as special counsel to Rob Rosenstein, the Deputy Attorney General. Once Mueller takes over, he assembled a large group of Clinton’s cronies to investigate the fake Trump-Russia collusion. So far seven million dollars of tax payer’s money had been dumped into this fake investigation.


Since Mueller’s appointment, we have learned  a series of interesting news. First, it was discovered that the Clintons paid millions of dollar to create a fake Trump dossier called the “Steele dossier”, the information contained in the Steele Dossier was provided by Russian intelligence contacts who apparently worked with those who prepared the dossier on behalf of the Clintons. The fake dossier may have  influenced James Comey’s  investigation of the Trump campaign, and possibly his breaking Justice department’s rule by announcing that Hilary Clinton would not be prosecuted for mishandling classified information. There may be evidence that the FISA court may have issued a wire type warrant against the Trump Campaign.


Last week we have learned that late this summer, Robert Mueller reassigned a senior FBI agent named Peter Strzok for exchanging anti Trump texts with his paramour – his mistress Lisa page, an attorney who have worked for both Robert Mueller and  Andrew McCabe, Deputy Director of the FBI whose wife, a one time congressional candidate received beaucoup dollars from Clintons cronies. Anti Trump bias was the reason d’etre of this fake investigation. Agent Strzok’s sentiment is reflective of the entire Mueller team – a team that needs to disbanded pronto!


Congressional investigators have been trying hard to get the Justice Department, specially Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to respond to subpoenns about the role of the FBI in the Trump-Russia drama. So far, the Justice Department had been stonewalling, fabricating all kind of excuses to avoid oversight. We believe that the reason Justice refuses to cooperate with Congress is because of what congressional investigators might discover. Supposed Comey was influenced by the “Steele Dossier” to investigate Donald Trump? The best way to cover that is to make baseless counter accusations. And who is the best person to head the special investigation than someone who is close to Comey?  What if the FBI was played by Russian agents? Would the FBI want that information out, tainting its reputation?


Months ago, we argued that the President should fire Robert Mueller. Now, for a second time we are renewing our call for the president  to stop this charade  and the humongous waste of tax payers money. Robert Mueller must be replaced by an impartial person who would look at the Clinton’s campaign involvement with Russia and  the FBI’s relationship with the “Steele Dossier” investigators.  While you are at it Mr. President, pardon general Mike Flynn, at least he deserves that much. And by the way, trust us, there will be no “hell to pay” because the people are tired of fake news, fake investigations and this witch-hunt. La paix!

Omega Staff Writers

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