MIAMI, FLORIDA – Omega has recently learned that the incorrigible Haitian Senator Evaliere Beauplan, the chairman of the Senate ethics committee in the Haitian Senate released a report on the PetroCaribe fund. Please note that this is a second report not to be confused with the first report released by the esteemed Senator Yourie Latortue. The new so-called Senate ethics committee composed of the following senators: Evaliere Beauplan, Nenel Cassy and Herve Fourcand men of questionable pedigree and integrity with a confirmed history of criminality involving drug trafficking, corruption and money laundering,  released this report in an attempt to salvage the names of those who were rightfully included in the first investigative report as having participated in the mismanagement of nearly 2.3 billion dollars.


Early last year, the Senate ethics committee headed by the Honorable Yourie Latortue released a comprehensive non-partisan investigative report about the disappearance and or mismanagement of 2.3 billion dollars of the PetroCaribe Fund. (For more information about the Petrocaribe Fund, please see nearby articles).  In his report, the committee comprehensively investigated the matter by interviewing under oath Haitian government officials such as Michael Lecorps, former Haitian prime minister Jean-Max Bellerive, and other functionaries who were responsible for the management of the fund.


The committee also investigated private foreign and local companies who received a series of no-bid contracts valued at hundreds of millions of dollars. Many of the companies’ representatives testified before the committee and/or submitted documents requested by the committee.  Based on the evidence deduced both from the documents submitted by the witnesses, and those available to the committee including testimonial evidence of the witnesses, the Latortue’s committee concluded the following: that fifteen government officials engaged in corruption by (see nearby articles for the names of officials accused of stealing the PetroCaribe fund):

(1) misappropriation of government funds;

(2) pay-to-play scheme;

(3) issuance of no-bid contracts in violation of Haitian laws;

(4) theft,

(5) conspiracy to commit theft

(6) Depriving the Haitian government and the Haitian people of honest services while in function.


The Committee reasoned that those officials should be pursued further by the attorney general of Haiti. A year has lapsed, the attorney general has yet to address the issue.


Omega has been and remains the sole Haitian media covering the theft of the Petrocaribe fund. Other media outlets in Haiti and elsewhere failed to cover this very important corruption case. Because of Omega’s incessant coverage and the fact that Haiti’s foreign benefactors began to ask questions about the PetroCaribe fund and are pressuring the government of Jovenel Moise to take action against the corrupters, Senator Beauplan, who recently became the President of the Haitian senate took it upon himself to issue a second report. The second report was designed to absolve those officials of liability by making new and unfounded allegations about those who were either on the fringe of the issues and were not pertinently involved in the PetroCaribe fund mismanagement, or barely received any funds for their own projects.


At the onset, it was reported to Omega that those officials who wish that their names not appear on Beauplan’s report had to pay him, and those who did not pay for good reasons or not, their names appeared in his report. One example is Haiti’s former minister of tourism, Madame Stephanie Balmir Villedouin who had nothing to do with the management of the PetroCaribe fund. She finds her name involved in this faux report because she would not pay a bribe to senator Beauplan.


Omega Staff writers, investigators and its team of editors are going through the 650-page report with a fine toothcomb and will continue to inform our readers about the true facts and who are the culpable parties are. As usual, we will continue to investigate the veracity of the report, the political and financial dynamics behind Beauplan’s new conclusion as to what happened with the 2.3 billion dollars of the PetroCaribe fund.


A cursory look at Beauplan report reveals many inconsistencies, not the least is the fact that some of these allegations are listed twice, and people like Michel Martelly, his wife Sophia and his son Olivier who allegedly commandeered the theft of the PetroCaribe fund were not named in the report. Omega has learned from its sources in Haiti, that the presidential family allegedly paid Beauplan not to mention their names in the report. The initial PetroCaribe investigative report issued by Senator Latortue was based on indisputable evidence, showing hundreds of millions of dollars paid to companies who only collected the money, and shared it with the very person in charge of authorizing payments. The Beauplan report is suspect for many reasons which Omega will explain in future articles about this issue. However, Omega wants to bring attention to Madame Stephanie Balmir Villedouin’s letter to Senator Beauplan which outlined some of the inconsistencies, biases, and lack of evidence.


As usual, Omega’s report is always consistent and non-partisan. We do not represent any political party, or persons or minister or government. We report the facts and allow our readers to draw their own conclusions. In this case, we will review the Beauplan report, and we will present the facts and evidence or lack thereof to our readers without political considerations to any former government officials. In cases where we believe that a conclusion is motivated by political bias, we will point that out, so our readers understand the motivation behind Beauplan’s report.


In future articles, we will outline Beauplan’s motivation for issuing this report and his involvement in many nefarious activities including his participation in theft and corruption within the Haitian consulates overseas.

Here are some examples of Beauplan’s actions: 


Beatrice Tulme alleged mistress of Senator Evaliere Beauplan, head of the Ethic Commission at the senate

Involved allegedly in corruption, theft   before she was fired last October.


Why not a real investigation Senators?

Anne Moise Marcelin Wife of Congressman Arnel Belizaire and staunch ally of senator Beauplan work at the ministry of commerce in Haiti but still  receive her pay check from the Haitian Consulate in Orlando. Mrs Marcelin just received a check in the amount of 12,750 $ US as a so-called Vice Consul in Orlando.

Why not a real investigation Senators?

Nathalie Fourcand ex consul of Orlando fired since December 2016 for alleged theft, corruption and being incompetent. Just received a check thanks to Senator Beauplan  in the amount of 5,250 $US  and also 10,000 a month from Haiti’s foreign Affairs Ministry thanks to senator Beauplan and Senator Herve Fourcand.

Why not a real investigation Senators?

Roody Metellus,General Counsul of Haiti in Atlanta,  younger brother of Senator Nenel Cassis fired under president Martelly,cant speak any language dead or alive.A disgrace as a Haitian representative.


Why not a real investigation Senators?



Omega Staff Writers

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