MOBILE, ALABAMA- Exactly four weeks before a special US Senate election in Alabama to replace Jeff Sessions who left his Senate seat to join the Trump administration as Attorney General, the Washington Post published a damning expose, accusing Roy Moore, the Republican candidate of sexually molesting a minor. The Post reported that a woman who is now in her fifties supposedly claims that when she was fourteen years old, Roy Moore then, an assistant state attorney in Alabama sixteen years her senior molested her.


Moore, who is a highly controversial figure has been in the public eye in Alabama for more than three decades. He served as assistant attorney general, and on the Supreme Court of Alabama. Over the years his highly controversial political ideas have earned him many enemies in high places. He was twice dismissed from the Supreme Court of Alabama for insubordination and more recently for refusing to obey a US supreme court ruling in a case regarding same-sex marriage. The man has his own ideas, and he does not believe that people of the same sex should marry.


Some people in Washington would have preferred Mr. Moore ride slowly and quietly into the sunset and stay out of public view forgotten into the purgatory. But Mr. Moore had other plans. He decided to run for the Senate seat vacated by Sessions. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump supported another candidate who lost to Moore in the Republican primary. The candidate that Trump supported also received an endorsement from the Republican political establishment. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the senate republican majority leader, spent millions supporting Moore’s opponent.  Many in Washington consider Moore an embarrassment because of his political views. Some call him a racist, a lightning rod for bigotry, misogyny, a stain on the Republican brand.  Moore is poised to win the Alabama Senate seat, roll into the US Senate to challenge the establishment. How best to prevent Moore from coming to Washington vexed republican until opposition research unveiled salacious sexual stuff about Moore and enlisted a reporter at the Washington Post to help.


The art of political destruction masquerading as opposition research is a tool of destruction that has caused many great pains and public embarrassment. We at OWN do not know Roy Moore, nor do we endorse him or support his candidacy or his political views. But, one thing must be said, this man has been in the public eye for over three decades, why is it now that those charges are coming up? Who are behind those charges?  Sunday, a CNN report claims that the women did not seek out the media, it was reporters from the Washington Post who contacted the women. How did the reporters know about the women?  If this happened as the Post reported, why didn’t these women come forward before? Why now? Why thirty years later??


Stephen Bannon, the CEO of Breitbart and former advisor to Donald Trump has all but declared war on the Republican establishment. He has vowed to take down many Republican senators who may be up for re-election in 2018. He has gone out and recruited candidates to challenge Republican incumbents in the midterm elections. Bannon has vowed to destroy Mitch McConnell, who funded the candidate who lost to Moore. Bannon supports Moore.  Roy Moore in the US Senate is an affront to the Republican political brand, so the way to stop him is to destroy his reputation, to tarnish his image so bad that even if he is elected, he would be of no consequence.


The people of Alabama can see through all of these chicaneries and dilatory tactics. An Alabama man who claims to be a friend of Moore told CNN that the timing of the charges is highly suspect. He said he has known Roy Moore for a very long time, they are friends, and he has never heard of this before. The man is a Democrat who said he would not vote for Moore, but he decried the politics of personal destruction that says if you cannot beat them at the ballot box, sully their reputation. That kind of politics is destructive and highly offensive to thinking people.


We do not know whether Mr. Moore molested a fourteen-year-old. We do not know what really happened. All we know is that the circumstances surrounding these accusations are highly suspect, given the timing of it, and the personality of the person being accused. For Roy to withdraw would simply hand over a victory to those who traffic on salacious accusations to destroy the reputation of their political opponent.


Omega Staff Writers

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