WASHINGTON, DC – Political pundits have been doing mental gymnastics in an attempt to explain the meaning of the gubernatorial victories by Democrats in New Jersey and Virginia. CNN commentators have opined that this may be the beginning of the end of the Trump administration because they believe that the Democrats will sweep the House of Representatives in the 2018 midterm elections.

First of all, these are the same people who opined that Donald Trump would receive a shellacking from Hillary Clinton during the presidential elections, so we cannot believe anything they say. Pollsters were all over television talking about how many percentage points that Mr. Trump would lose by. As it turned out Trump won Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin, all democratic blue states. President Trump is the exception to every political rule, and to a certain extent, he has so far changed the political landscape. Historical analysis and statistical evidence, political rules, political expectations all went out of the window when Trump declared his candidacy for president in 2015.  Blue collar, white voters are tired of the political establishment, and if Donald Trump can fight the establishment, the better for it, the people would give him a pass for any indiscretion not befitting of a US President.

After all, who gets to decide presidential norms?  Trump likes Twitter, and that is the way he communicates with his base without engaging the makers of fake news seeking to dilute his message through spins. That may not be presidential norms for the media class, but to white-collar voters they like receiving a tweet from the president.   And I am prognosticating that Republican will retain their majority in the House and the Senate and Mr. Trump will be re-elected.

The party whose president occupies the White House often suffer electoral loses midway into the first term. Only three times in the history of this country that did not happen – after the September 11 terrorist attack, the impeachment of President Bill Clinton and the great depression of 1929. So as a matter of historical statistics, Republicans should suffer losses between 32 to 36 seats in the House of Representatives especially when Mr. Trump approval rating is below 50% (if you believe the pollsters).

All this crap applies to other politicians, not Donald Trump. So far, this year, the anti-Trump and the never Trump movements have not done well.  Democrats spent nearly 23 million dollars in an attempt to capture a congressional seat in Georgia, their candidate Jon Ossof lost by four points. Democrats also lost three other special congressional elections this year. The Democrats gubernatorial victories in New Jersey and Virginia means nothing. New Jersey is a blue state; it is not surprising that Phil Murphy won. In Virginia, Dr. Nathan is a conservative Democrat who flip-flops on many issues. And Ed Gillespie lost because he failed to embrace Trumpism fully.

Political pundits are saying that the writing is on the wall, and the president should reconsider his political agenda lest the Democrats will take over the House of Representatives in 2018. And if that happens, it will mark the beginning of the end of the Trump presidency. Thwarting Republican legislative agenda they said would be the least damage a democratic majority in Congress will do. They will waste no time commencing impeachment proceedings as some Democratic members have already called for.

The democratic party is disorganized, demoralized, understaffed and in disarray especially after the publication of Donna Brazile’s book reveals how the party stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders. So far this year, the Republican party has raised twice as much money than the democrat party. The party has not been able to come up with a coherent message that is consistent. It is not enough to criticize Republicans. Democrats have to explain why they are better than Republicans.

If the Republicans want to retain their majority in the House and the Senate, they ought to get behind the president, pass the current tax bill – (some legislative achievement would help their re-election prospect). The president may choose to focus more on job re-creation and infrastructure building, that will help because it will create more jobs. The stock market is doing well, and hopefully, the appointment of Jerome Powell as Fed chairman signals that the status quo will remain and the economy will continue to perform. As long as the economy is performing well, and people have jobs House Republicans will do well in the midterm elections.



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