MIAMI, FLORIDA – Employees of Haitian consulates all over the world can now breathe a sigh of relief. Since the publication of several articles exposing the Haitian government’s Foreign Ministry’s  treatment of its overseas employees, the ministry has reported to OmegaWorldNews that all employees have been paid in full and there are no arrears. Omeganews has checked with several of the employees in different Haitian consulates in the United States and Europe, and all have reported that they have received their checks for all past due salaries. We hope that the Haitian government especially the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will continue to treat their employees with respect, fairness, and dignity.


We at Omega do not wish to toot our own horns, but we want to remind everyone of the role of any media in any democracy, and that is to ensure that those who are in power are held accountable for their actions and or inactions. In the case of consulate employees, most of them office employees, the government refused to pay them on time because they believed that no one would hold them accountable. Unfortunately, in Haiti, the Haitian media is bought and paid for, and some of them have contributed to the problems. Not one single Haitian news agency or other media have covered the issue regarding the consulate employees for fear of upsetting the Haitian foreign ministry or the president.


The Haitian media has a role that is sacrosanct to Haitian democracy, and that role cannot be abdicated. Unfortunately, too many members of the news media find it necessary to join the chorus of government officials who won’t answer questions, or who feel that they are above the rules that everyone else must live by. This case is an excellent example of what can be accomplished, and or corrected when the media does its job without bias. Power concedes nothing, and those in power will continue to abuse their positions in the treatment of others. It is our job to ensure that government actions or inactions that detrimentally affect people’s lives will be brought to light.


We take no pleasure in exposing the mediocrity, corruption, and other malfeasance of the Haitian government, but we would not be doing our job if we were to consider how Haiti’s foreign benefactors would take such news, and how their opinions of the Haitian government would be informed or affected. Our job is, to tell the truth, to expose corruption, nepotism, and other wrongdoings. We take pleasure in knowing that because of our coverage, employees of the Haitian consulate were paid. They can now pay their rent and mortgages, and that they will no longer have to rely on family members to help them, or they will not have to sleep in their cars because the government finds it convenient not to pay them timely.


We at Omega also hope that on other issues such as the Petrocaribe fund theft, the Haitian government will take actions against those who abused their power by misappropriating government resources. 15 government officials are involved in the diversion of over 2 billion US dollars, and no one thus far has been held accountable.


Omega Staff Writers

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