HAITIAN GOVERNMENT ARE NOT PAYING EMPLOYEES OF THE HAITIAN CONSULATES WASHINGTON, DC – The Haitian government maintains several consular offices in the United States (Orlando, Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, New York and Boston) and around the world. Employees from Haiti and the United States and the world over  man these offices. Men and women who toil every day to provide consular services to Haitian immigrants and others. The services that they provide are essentials – it includes passports and other official documents that a child may need to enter a US school.

The administration of President Jovenel Moise and the Minister of Foreign affairs, Mr. Antonio Rodrigue, are not only mistreating these employees, but they are disrespecting them as well. Employees of the Haitian consulates have not received their salaries for the last six months. The Haitian government is in arrears for May, June, July, August, September, and October. This practice of not paying government employees is not new. Except that, when it affects those who work in the United States with families and responsibilities, it is in violation of US employment laws.

Regardless of who is elected president in Haiti, the same incompetence, corruption, and nepotism continues unabated. For many years, the Haitian government has a practice of paying its employees late. For every six months in arrears, the government would pay two months, and continue to be perpetually in arrears of four months. This practice started with the Aristide government, and continued through the administrations of Rene Preval, Michel Martelly and cordially inherited by Jovenel Moise. Now, the government has adopted the same practice with regards to its overseas employees.

The hundreds of people who work for the Haitian consulates have families, children, mortgages, and rent that they must pay monthly. When the Haitian government fails to pay them on time, this affects their lives in ways that are unimaginable and hard to explain. Omeganews has interviewed several of these employees from every consular office in the United States, on the condition that their names not be used for fear of reprisals because they were not authorized to discuss this issue publicly. These employees told Omeganews that they had not received a paycheck since May 2017. And this has been a recurring problem with the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Port-Au-Prince who seems incapable of explaining why these employees have not been paid. Messages left with the Minister of Foreign Affairs have not been returned.

The total employment budget for Haitian consular offices around the world amount to nearly six to 10 million US dollars a month. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, who is in charge of ensuring that his employees get paid is a willing participant and an accomplice in a racket that made both the minister and the president richer.

Instead of paying these employees on time, the Minister of Foreign AFfairs in cahoots with the president would allegedly loan the money out with an interest rate which the Minister and the President use for their leisure’s. Meanwhile, the employees have gone months without receiving a paycheck. Some of them are forced to borrow money from family and friends just to be able to keep a roof over their heads and continue to report to work. Meanwhile, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the president are living la vida loca in Haiti.

US employment law requires employers to pay their employees timely. Failure to do so is a gross violation of US employment law. Many foreign dignitaries have been cited for their failure to pay their employees timely or for maltreatment of their employees. The Haitian consulate is subject to US Laws and must act accordingly.

Omegaworldnews supports the right of the consular employees to receive their salaries timely. We will continue to keep track of the story. Meanwhile, we encourage Mr.Antonio Rodrigue, Minister of Foreign Affair to do right by his employees.
Omega Staff Writers
Letter from employe

Les Consulats de Boston, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Orlando, Miami sollicitent l’intervention de la presse parlée et écrite en tant que 4ème pouvoir auprès des instances concernées en vue du paiement des arriérés de salaires des mois de juillet, août et septembre.

Faute de quoi les redevances locatives desdits consulats ainsi que celles des Employés ne pourront pas être respectées.
Une enquête approfondie pourra justifier et déterminer les causes relatives à ce désordre administratif.

Levelt Pierre

Marie Antoinette Jacob
Gérard Belot
Micheline Cantave
Jean-Baptiste Mathurin
Louis Jeannot

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