Through stealth, lies and broken promises, Haiti has been turned into a hotbed of mercenaries and saboteurs, wherein the Haitian people are being controlled by the sinister influence of powerful forces who have sought to dominate and subjugate them!\

For example, the people recruited by the United States and the Haitian elite to manage the country have never done anything of interests for the Haitian people, but on the contrary, are guided in such a way to exploit and destroy Haiti as a sovereign nation!

Invariably, this is all a dirty and dangerous game where the US is controlling both sides of the equation, and the Haitian people are being used as pawns on this grand chessboard of double cross, accounting irregularities, and the death of Haiti; ever so covertly!

First, when it comes to the electoral process charade in Haiti, the US State Department will feign indignation and will refuse to finance the “elections”; but this is just a ruse because many millions of that money never went to Haitian electoral authorities. The money was rather sent to DC-based Consortium for Elections and Political Processes, which has allowed the USAID, the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) and the National Democratic Institute (NDI) to be the true recipients of the set-aside money to finance the Haitian elections.

Second, there will be semblances of voting where Haitians will be encouraged to go to the polls to elect their choice of candidates, but here again, this is a complete farce, because the US State Department would already have selected a Manchurian candidate, “democratically” elected, that would be placed as head of the country, no matter the outcome of the voting tally.

In recourse of the myths and the illusions, Haiti has been at this crossroads during the American occupation of 1915, when the United States and later the Haitian elite would place individuals at the head of the presidency in Haiti while they held the real power behind the scene. These Haitian presidents were formerly called “Prezidan Bann Machwe”.

As evidenced by today’s presidents of Haiti, whose ascension to power have been achieved by the disregard of the Haitian constitution, and fraudulent presidential elections financed by the US State Department, the specter of 1915 has never gone away.

Notwithstanding that Haiti is now at the mercy of those manipulators, but today, more than ever, the US wants desperately for the rigged elections to succeed, as there is too much money available to be stolen; beginning with the gold and natural resources of Haiti; currently valued at more than $130 Billion Dollar!

Finally, by controlling the electoral process, and by selecting the individuals of their choice to the presidency, the goal of the US has been to lower the standards of the offices of the Haitian government and to place their chosen puppet as Haitian head of state. In retrospect, this whole affair is classic CIA HUMINT operation, wherein, they would select pliable, morally corrupted individuals, having no strong principles, for the specific purpose to destroy Haiti, and to loot all of the country’s natural resources; unopposed!

Wake up Haitians; for God’s sake!

Gerard Dure

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